DIY: Fringe T-Shirt Scarf

Yes, I did a post a few months ago on my mild obsession with fringe these days. I'm channeling my inner hippie now that I live in Austin, I guess. Now that the cooler weather is rolling around (my back door & windows were open all weekend and it was glorious) it's time to find ways to bring the fringe into the fall accessories. 

Last weekend, my sister was visiting from Fort Worth and we were doing a little rummaging around South Congress downtown. Several of the cute little shops we roamed were filled with fall clothing and accessories making me all sorts of excited and, naturally, wanting to purchase the place out. However, one little common piece stood out among the shops. All of them had a stash of thin cotton fringed circle scarves. All different colors and all so thin and easy to wear with anything that Courtney and I were almost convinced that they were worth the $45 price tag. But they're not. Why you ask? Because for a mere $5.99 at Hobby Lobby, these bad boys can be made and worn just as adorably as those for sale in the posh boutiques.

That's why I'm here today, folks. To present you with a little rainy day DIY project. Of course I always love a little fool-proof DIY project. And a rainy day. And a new scarf, hence the DIY.

What You'll Need:

1) A large cotton t-shirt. The larger the better. 
(Hob Lob has a nice stash of 3XLs in all sorts of colors.)
2) A Pair of Scissors.

First up, lay the tee flat across a table or floor and cut straight across right under the arm holes.

Next, you'll want to stretch out the part that you're using for the scarf, which is obviously not going to be the half with the arm & neck holes...just in case you were confused. Stretch the bottom half of the shirt out as much as possible.

Now you'll want to start the task of cutting small slits all the way around both sides of the piece you just stretched out. I'd like to lie to you and pretend like this part is fun, but it's a little tedious and somewhat annoying. But it must be done. We can't have a fringed circle scarf sans the fringe, duh. I made each little piece about one centimeter wide and about six inches long, but it doesn't have to be perfect or pretty, I promise. The slits will end up rolling up and getting all warped as you cut, anyway. Now is not the time to be a perfectionist.

Cut these slits all the way around each side of the scarf until it looks a little something like this...

Voila! You're done! It's THAT easy, guys. 
Since it's so long and it's a circle scarf, you'll probably want to wrap that thing around your neck twice!
Now you have yourself a nice little fringed scarf to throw over a tank or a sweater or whatever you want! They're so fun and perfect for running errands during the day or make one in your school color and wear it to those Friday or Saturday night football games!

They look effortless and cozy and imperfect and all of the elements I love in a solid fall outfit :)

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  1. Blaine this is the coolest thing ever! Thank you =) SARAH RASMUSSON