Afternoon Errands

Comfy shoes, stripes, denim, and a straw fedora to disguise a bad hair day? Welcome to my heaven.

Denim Shirt: H&M (old, similar here); Striped Tee: Madewell (old, fun colors here); Seersucker skirt: American Eagle (old, similar here); Fedora: Gap (similar here); Bag: Michael Kors; Shoes: Sperry; Jewelry: Nordstrom; Bracelets: Fossil, James Avery 


I Dream Of: Chain Link Bracelets

I don't know what it is, but there's something that's so chic about chain link jewelry. I don't know if it's the unexpected use of the metal, or the chunky, bulky statements it tends to make. Regardless, I find myself gravitating towards these bracelets at all turns. I love the way they look layered with a big watch and some bangles, or just by themselves for a simple, clean look. Now, I have bracelets galore, all sorts of them, but the detail that the chain link seems to add to the usual set of wrist jewels just surpasses all other bangles. Whether they're simple metals or detailed with color and stones, the chain link bracelet is just genius! Check out these charmers I've found - they're some of my favorites and I just can't get enough! I want all of them! What do you guys think? Do you like the edginess and unexpected pop that a chain link provides?

First Row: Left: Michael Kors; Right: Michael Kors
Second Row: Left: J.Crew; Right: Marc Jacobs
Third Row: Left: J.Crew; Right: Michael Kors
Fourth Row: Left: J.Crew; Right: J.Crew


Monday's Must Haves: Mint

Once upon a time seafoam and mint were two shades of green that were only found on water towers, your great-grandma's bathroom wallpaper and maybe in the floral comforter on the uncomfortable daybed of a rented motel condo on the beach. You get my point. Regardless, the pastel shade has never been loved, and has certainly never had a huge presence in the fashion industry. However, this spring, designers all around have found ways revive the dated shade and  it's quickly become the biggest color of the season. It can be found in denim, tops, dresses and all sorts of accessories. I'm loving the frequent use of the color and yes, I've given minty green a second chance too. I know it won't steer me wrong. Am I a little pale from the lack of sunshine on my body in months? Maybe. Does the color up against my nearly transparent skin wash me out a little? Perhaps. But it doesn't matter. Girls, with or without some sun-kissed skin, mint can be a great pop of color however you choose to wear it. It's a definite must-have this season. My favorite way to wear it? Find a pair of mint shorts or cropped skinnies, pair with a slouchy cotton t-shirt, some simple gold jewels and a great pair of leopard heels. Something about the color paired with leopard just works in a fierce way. Here are some great mint finds that you might love as much as I do!

This is a great (and marked down!) pair of cropped pants from one of my favorite denim designers, Rich & Skinny.

OBSESSED with this black/mint combo dress from ASOS. It's edgy with the corset top and has a girly touch with the mint color and flowy hem. I think I need this now.

Another fantastic find from ASOS. This maxi skirt is so perfect and classic for spring! I'm so in love.

Great messenger bag and perfect pop of color in an accessory!

How adorable is this polka dot number? So fresh and summery. I love. Very Rachel McAdams-esque in The Notebook, no?

Love a great, lightweight button-down. This one from Free People is fabulous!

Have you found any great mint pieces to add to your wardrobe yet? It's a great color to have around this season and you can wear it so many ways! Can't wait to start adding to my collection!


The Man Shirt

After standing in my closet this morning, as usual, I decided that there was nothing I wanted to wear. I go through this battle daily - I'm pathetic. I don't think anything annoys my husband more and he laughs in my face anytime I tell him that I "need" something new. Nevertheless, my clothes just were not interesting me. So, when I gave up on my hangers, I moved into my husband's section of our big walk-in. Yes, we share a closet now...he's thrilled, for obvious reasons. After glancing through his collection, I decided that he had way too many fun button-down shirts and I was entirely too jealous. Of course, his are big and masculine and were not purchased for my benefit, but sometimes designers make men's shirts with some fun prints and styles that you just can't find in the women's section. So, as they say in marriage, what's his is mine :) I decided to grab one of my favorites he wears and put my own little girly spin on it for a cute, oversized, and unexpected look. No worries, he definitely still looks much cuter in it than I do. All that being said, I need you to trust me girls, because with some girly jewels, cropped pants, high heels, maybe a fitted vest to slim the shirt down some, you too could make your man's shirt look like a put together outfit! Finally, a way to wear an oversized man shirt without looking like you're in college doing the walk of shame early one morning! It's hard to make big button-downs look presentable and intentional. So, here's the look I put together. The best part? The shirt I decided to wear is actually my husband's great grandpa's shirt..so it's vintage AND it's back in style..win win.

Shirt: Vintage; Denim Vest: Earnest Sewn (similar here); Pants: Gap; Clutch: Express (similar here); Watch: Michael Kors; Necklaces: Francesca's, Dillards, Calli's Boutique (San Marcos, TX); Shoes: Gianni Bini (another cute pair here); Nails: MAC "Blue India"


Monday's Must Haves: Python Print

I've said before how much I love animal prints. I love any print, really, but I'm especially fond of the ones we can find in nature. The latest of my obsession? Python print. Don't get all animal rights crazy and call PETA on me, I'm not saying I'm a fan of the skin or the leather or want to go start hunting pythons, I simply just love the wild colors and patterns on their bodies. Now, a fun fact you should know about me: I hate snakes. I know, I know, mom always told me hate was an ugly word, but it's entirely too appropriate when describing my relationship with the slithery satanic creatures. Always weirds me out when people keep them as pets. So, I hate to admit that there's something I actually appreciate from the things, but their prints are just to. die. for. Everyone seems to think so this season and their pattern and prints are in high demand amongst designers everywhere. You can find fun python prints in all different colors anywhere you look. My favorite python-printed item currently in my wardrobe is this fabulous pair of Steve Madden wedges that I'm seriously obssessed with. Maybe they are 4 1/2 inch heels and make me like 6 feet tall and maybe I wobble a little when I walk in them..so what? They're way too cute and fun to care about those minor details. If I break an ankle at least I'll look cute doing it.

Aren't they fabulous? I know. Thanks Steve Madden. And TJ Maxx.

You really can't go wrong with python prints and as I mentioned, you can find them everywhere! Here are a few of my favorite python printed pieces.

This pair of flats from Nine West is adorable! So cute with a pair of skinny jeans and a tailored top for work! The same print also comes in another color AND a pump here. Loving it.

This subtle python print top from Zara is a great route to take if you're new or skeptical of the wild print. It's full of neutral colors and the print is faded out so it's a fun and unexpected twist to your usual button down. Zara has some great python-printed finds this season!

You knew I couldn't get through a must-have session without including Michael Kors somewhere. If designers can have groupies, I'm completely guilty. This tote from MK is a great pop to an outfit! It's definitely a statement piece that will spice up any look you're working.

LOVE these shorts from BCBG Maxazria! The color is amazing and the cut is so chic and trendy. These shorts would be perfect paired with a simple tank, some gold jewels and some sky-high wedges for a night out on the town with girlfriends. Girls, if you're looking for a one-stop shop for all things python print, visit your local BCBG Maxazria store.

I'm a sucker for a good statement necklace and this one is perfection! I'd expect nothing less from BCBG.

Don't be afraid to wear python prints! It's a bold, fun, playful print that can be worn dressed up or down. It's definitely a must-have detailed item to have in your closet this spring! You'll look snazzy and oh-so-trendy and the print is so fun to wear at all ages!


Shades of Blue

I love mixing blue hues. I was always secretly jealous of the volleyball teams we played in high school whose school colors were navy and baby blue. So embarrassing. They just are great colors paired together! So, when I was rummaging through my closet, I found one of my favorite spring dresses from Banana Republic and though I'd give it a little twist and sass it up a little. Something I find myself doing to a lot of my favorite pieces so I can wear them more often. You should try it. Anyway, seeing as I don't have a ton of blue items (something I also discovered while searching through my things) I found my favorite denim shirt, layered it underneath my dress and voila! It's like it was a brand new dress. Plus, a collar and some rolled up sleeves add a nice little preppy touch to anything, let's be honest. So, the light denim mixed with the navy dress and paired with my favorite turquoise chunky jewels created a fun look of all shades of blue and definitely can be worn anywhere! Helloooo spring weddings that are sneaking up on us! So don't be afraid to pair your shades of blue together, it really can create a fun, complimentary combination of colors for any outfit! However, tread lightly and don't get too crazy with the hue. I paired mine with some nude shoes so as not to go too overboard. There's a fine line between being cute in all blue and looking like a smurf. 

Dress: Banana Republic; Denim Shirt: J.Crew; Belt: Banana Republic; Jewelry: Stella&Dot, Hurley, Lucky Brand, Dillard's, Target, F21; Clutch: Michael Kors; Shoes: Aldo; Nails: Essie "Turquoise&Caicos"


rainy day & bold prints

Jacket, Striped Shirt & Gingham Shirt: Old Navy; Tights: Under Armour; Socks: Steve Madden; Rainboots: Coach; Jewelry: Francesca's, Four Chicks in the Park Boutique (Corpus Christi, TX), Michael Kors; Bag: Old Navy


Spring Cleaning

In lieu of daylight savings time sneaking up on us this weekend and my husband and I moving into our first home (helloo, home owners!) I decided to take some time to organize my life. OK, so maybe just my closet. It was a mess and overcrowded and it was long past due for some cleaning! Clutter just stresses me out. So, I sat down, turned on my "cleaning house" playlist on my iPad (yes, I have a cleaning playlist..I'm embarassed) grabbed a few trashbags and some storage bins and got started. As I was doing my cleaning, I found myself asking a few questions. Does it still fit well? Is this currently in season? Is this an item that I can afford to toss? Is it time to update this piece?

Here are some items you'll definitely want to stow away until next fall/winter rolls around:

  • Heavy Peacoats or Sweaters
  • Black Sequined items
  • Knee-high Heavy Boots
  • Faux Fur
  • Thick Scarves
  • Turtlenecks
  • Anything Velvet, Suede or Corduroy

I couldn't be more excited to pull my spring essentials to the front of my wardrobe! Hooray for finally saying goodbye to those dull, cold and bland winter months and welcome the spring freshness into our lives! Bring out those spring scents, fresh makeup and fun accessories! Here's a sneak peek into my spring closet - it now looks extremely colorful and inviting - I love it!

Some items you'll DEFINITELY want to keep around and have ready for this season:

  • Neons
  • Pastels
  • Floral Prints
  • Bold Patterns
  • Linen & Lace
  • Lightweight Scarves
  • Mini and/or flowy Skirts and Dresses
  • Strappy Sandals

Top left: Short-Sleeved Tops; Right: Dresses; Bottom left: Scarves; Right: Button-Down Tops

Top Left: Skirts; Right: Vests; Bottom Left: DVF Wrap Dress; Right: Linen&Lace Dresses

Top Left: Shoes; Right: Bags/Hats; Bottom Left: Chanel Makeup Collection; Right: Perfume Bottles

I also had the opportunity to pull out some items that I no longer wear for various reasons and put them in large bags to drop off at a local donation station. I tell you what, someone's going to have some great new goodies soon! I love spring cleaning every year, I find it so liberating. Whether I'm just getting organized or going through things I'm going to get rid of, it's always great to start fresh. Have you started your spring cleaning yet?


I Dream Of: YSL

Girls. We all know that a good cocktail ring can really make an outfit. If you didn't know that, well, now you do. There's nothing that makes us look more feminine and complete than a great big gem on your ladylike hands. Now, that being said, rings can be overbearing - so try and stick to just one. If you must, one on each hand. Don't go overboard! Avoid stacking them on every single finger..unless you're Phoebe on the sitcom Friends. Then you can wear as many rings as you like. I've got my share of cocktail rings that I wear from time to time, although, by the end of the night they've left a green circle around my finger and the metal color on the ring has gone from silver to an off-shade of bronze. Got to love cheap costume jewelry. After looking through my collection of jewels and skimming through issues of InStyle magazine on a recent flight to Chicago, I decided that I am in dire need want of a good, solid, glamourous, statement-making piece of fine jewelry. So, this brings me to my current obsession and designer dream - Yves Saint Laurent's cocktail rings. Don't get me wrong, YSL makes all things fabulous, but come on, there's nothing else like their rings. Yes, they're a splurge, but they're so fun and art deco and modern and unique and I could go on and on..these babies are to die for! The gold with the colored stones? I'm in jewelry love. Check out a few of my faves - you'll love them too, I'm sure.


Monday's Must Haves: The Maxi Dress

I'm going to be really honest right off that bat here. It took me a while to really accept the long, fabric over-the-knee-and-calf, potentially uncomfortable trend that is the maxi dress. Until recently, unless you were attending some sort of formal gala, getting married or attending said wedding, floor-length gowns were just out of the question. At least for me. I even bit the bullet and bought a cute cotton summery maxi a few years ago with the intent of totally latching on to the trend. It didn't happen. I couldn't pull myself to wear it and ended up giving it away to a friend who, in turn, totally rocked it. Oh well. Anyway, last year I was shopping for some bridal shower dresses before my wedding and my mom convinced me to purchase this floor length cotton and lace maxi (last seen here). Then she wore this adorable BCBG strapless cotton grey and white number to one of my showers and between the two being just so stinkin' cute, me being overwhelmed with girly wedding garb and the overflow of compliments on the two dresses we wore, I was hooked. My opinion has significantly changed on the garment and now I'm loving that, once again, they are on shelves and runways all over the place this spring.

Maxi dresses are such a youthful, fun, fresh take on the feminine pieces. They come in all colors, fabrics and styles and are made for all body types and ages. Those that might be a little vertically challenged can sport the look with a great pair of sky-high wedges or espadrilles, to really create a look that makes you look tall and elongated and ultra-chic. Those of us like my sister and I, who are taller and sometimes have trouble finding pieces that reach our ankles thanks to our twiggy, grasshopper legs, can pair the dresses with a great pair of gladiator sandals. Seriously, maxi dresses are a great look for any occasion this spring and can be worn by women of any age! So when you're looking for a great outfit to attend parties, showers, graduations or weddings, give a maxi dress a chance. You'll probably be suprised at how cute and trendy you'll look! Dress them up or dress them down, regardless, the maxi dress is definitely a hit for the spring season and definitely a must-have in your collection! Here are some great ones I've found:

This fabulous versatile maxi from TopShop is great! It can be dressed up with some sparkly jewels for a night out or dressed down with some fun flats and chunky necklace for a day of shopping!

This dress from Gap makes me so excited for the warm weather! It combines all of my favorite trends for the season - neons, color blocking, stripes...I mean, seriously? I'm fighting the urge to make a run to the mall for this bad boy. So fun, casual and girly..SO cute!

This dress from Zara is ah.maz.ing. I can't get over it. The grecian style and halter neck with the empire waist is super flattering on anyone. Paired with a great pair of turquoise, coral or gold statement earrings and some bangles around your wrist and you'll be a knockout wherever you choose to wear this look! I'm obsessed. I know, shocker.

Alright. This dress from Milly c/o shopbop.com might be the best thing since sliced bread. Between the fun, bold print, to the belted waist, to the vibrant shades of cobalt blue, white and chocolate brown, it's a total knock-out. I think I need it now.


A Little Rustic

Denim Shirt: Madewell; Vest: F21; Shorts: A&F; Belt: Fossil; Jewelry: Nordstrom, F21, Fossil, Lucky Brand; James Avery; 2Die4Boutique (Austin, TX), Target; Boots: Gianni Bini