A Fashion Fangirl Tribute to Sienna Miller

I mean....it's Sienna Miller, y'all. She's a fashion icon and just has this obvious coolness about her that can't be beat. I want to raid her closet and be best friends with her. 

Below are some of my favorite editorials she's done over the years... 


Talking Trends: Overalls - are we overthem?

So...maybe you've noticed...maybe you haven't. Maybe you're just choosing to ignore it. Or maybe you're wishing your mama kept all those old outfits in the attic. But the overalls are making their way back into the fashionably acceptable world, y'all. The 90s are managing to weasel their ways back into our closets. Probably meeting the resistance of most people who look back on pictures of themselves during those years and cringe. However, nonetheless, as fashion always does, these styles have cycled. Our streets and stores now kind of look like the wardrobe closets of the cast of Saved by the Bell. As I type this I'm having bittersweet flashbacks to 5th grade and this fab pair of black corduroy ovies I dawned at least three times a week. I had a couple of sweet striped cotton tees I would sport underneath - totally looking like a 11-year-old baller. At least in my head. I more so just looked like the mannequin in the window at Limited Too. But I rocked those bad boys until my next growth spurt, you better believe it. I had this sweet denim pair, too. I think that was the next school year. In true 1999 fashion, I wore those gems with a solid pair of clunky Dr. Martens over some tall white socks that made my chicken legs look like they were going to break in half with every heavy step I took in those boots. I mean...the overalls, you guys. I just don't even know. I think they're a great way to sport the casual, comfy look, but then change it up some with a great pair of heels. Kind of like the next level of baggy boyfriend jeans we've all been loving. They're also a great bohemian outfit option for those festival lovers out there. I don't know. I have mixed feelings - some looks I love, some I can live with out and this is one that just falls somewhere in fashion purgatory. 

What do you guys think of this new old trend? How would you style them? Would you give them another chance? Party like it's 1999? Yeah?