I'm weirdly obsessed with pairing stripes + florals together right now. I'm actually just weirdly obsessed with stripes in general and had a mild heart attack when I looked in my closet an realized just how many striped tops I have. Oh well. What is it about the combo that I love so much you ask? I don't know. Something about the mixed prints just does an eye good. The simplicity of the basic stripe paired with the busy floral print just creates a look that I truly can't get enough of. I've played around with this look with so many different items in my closet and love it every time! It's an unexpected combination, for sure. But it so works and I'm so obsessed. If you'll notice I also decided to bring back the denim mini skirt circa 2004. It's happening. They're way too comfortable and versatile to retire completely. Plus I love a little mini skirt + sneaker combo. It takes the sexiness out of the short skirt and creates more of a casual, comfortable, cool look that can really be worn from day to night. What are your thoughts? Is this look a little too out there for your taste? Have you retired your denim mini for good? I love mixing and matching styles and prints!

Want to re-create this look? Here's what I'm wearing:

Blazer: Zara (no longer in stock, got it on super sale in store - similar herehere, here, here, here); Top: Zara (similar); Skirt: Cotton On (similar here, here); Shoes: Converse (got mine on sale at Nordstrom Rack); Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (old, color sold out - different colors herehere); Watch: Michael Kors; Double-Finger Ring: Chloe + Isabel; Necklaces: Express, Chloe + Isabel 


July Wishlist

I've had my eye on a few new items to add to my wardrobe this month. Like that's anything new, though. I ALWAYS have my eye on things I'd like to purchase for my closet. Window shopping truly is painful for me, as I tend to get my heart set on things that I know I'm not going to go home with. I'd love it if I was able to go out and buy things to my heart's desire, but let's be honest here. Not all of us have endless supplies of cash. So, until I make my big break in music (totally kidding) and knock T.Swift off the podium as the highest paid celeb under 30, I'll just dream of endless shopping sprees and stocking my walk-in closet that's as big as my house.

Anywho...here are some things I'd love to add to my closet right now.

1) A Colorful Cropped Jacket (the featured one is no longer online, but is still on sale in store at Zara and is SO amazing! Also beyond obsessed with this one and this one.)
5) High-Waisted Dyed Denim Shorts ( In love with this pair from UO!)
7) A Sequined Mini Skirt (Also love this one!)

End of Summer Wishlist


Tied Up

I apologize for my neglect lately. I haven't abandoned OCW, I've just had a zillion things going on this week. Not to mention Austin's gotten some very much needed rain all day every day for the last week, so outfit posts weren't exactly easy to come by. Regardless, I'm back. There's been a little bit of sunshine mixed with rain today, so we had just enough time this morning to snag a few pics. Since it's been so hot, it's always nice to have some lightweight linen to wear when you're running errands and out and about around town. I found these linen shorts in a random clearance pile at Old Navy recently and let me tell you, they were a steal. I basically made money off of them. I love them because they're so comfy and just nice enough to wear with heels and a cute top for church and lunch with family and friends in town. Now, you're probably looking at my shoes thinking you've seen them in every post for the last month, and you may or may not be correct. Yes they're a little exhausted on the blog, but I just can't not wear them. I pretty much sleep in these bad boys. They're SO comfortable and easy to walk in and supportive and everything a great shoe should be. Not to mention they're just so dang cute and can go with basically anything I own. AND I got them on clearance at Nordstrom last month. Steal. Have I mentioned how great Sam Edelman shoes are? They're my favorite. I can't get enough. Every girl needs at least one pair. I've also been rocking this sock bun + braid for the last week. It's a new favorite of mine solely because it keeps my thick hair up and out of my face during this hot summer! It's way easy to do, too. Tutorial coming soon, so stand by on that one...

Anyway, it's been a lovely weekend with friends and family and this Sunday is off to a great start! Hopefully all of you had a great couple of days as well! Can you believe it's already mid-July? Blows my mind. Happy happy Sunday everyone!

Want to re-create this outfit? Here's what I'm Wearing:

Top: Target (old, similar, similar, similar); Shorts: Old Navy; Belt: Target (old, similar); Sandals: Sam Edelman (sold out, you can also find them here); Bag: Old Navy; Watch: Michael Kors; Bracelets: Target, Chloe + Isabel; Earrings: Chloe + Isabel; Sunglasses: Nordstrom


Peplum Lovin'

One of my favorite silhouettes this season is the peplum. This feminine & flattering extension of fabric is so chic, whether it's on a jacket, skirt, dress or top. It sinches the waist line and creates a small flare that flatters any body type and adds just enough girly touch to any look. The peplum can be small and descrete or large and show-stealing, but either way it's a chic twist on any garment. The trend has been scattered across runways, overflowing on store shelves and draping the bods of celebrities on red carpets and frankly, I think I'm obsessed! It takes me back to the classic styles of the elegant women in the 1960s. Love love.

Here are some celebs that have rocked the trend recently:

Here are some great styles that you can find to add to your own wardrobe!



With the mid-week holiday and gorgeous weather, the beginning of July has been a great one. Not a ton going on and lots of relaxing and enjoying life happening around our household. Today I met my sweet guy for a last minute lunch date at this fab little bistro in Westlake. I'm talking fresh, light, and delicious menu items that are just so full of flavor and visually appealing...it's amazing. I'm a big fan of fresh fruits and veggies at all time of day and I love any place that offers these types of plates in varieties on their menu. Lucky for me, they're everywhere around this city. Reason number 8,498 as to why I love Austin, TX. If you're ever in the Westlake Hills area of Austin, check out Blue Dahlia Bistro...it's to die for!

What I'm Wearing: Top: F21 (similar); Jacket: F21 (similar); Denim: Zara (similar, similar ); Necklace: J.Crew (different color here, similar here & here); Shoes: Converse; Bag: Old Navy; Sunglasses: Ray-ban; Watch: Michael Kors; Bracelet: ASOS


Monday's Must Haves: Safari Style

I don't know what it is, but I'm loving the safari look right now. Something about it is so chic looking and it's such an easy day-to-night look. The army green military jacket is so versatile and can add a little bit of an edgy, tough look to a girly ensemble. I love it paired with other neutral hues and animal prints as seen in the inspiration photo below! It also looks amazing over a simple lace dress or skirt. I'm always drawn to a look that combines dressy, dainty pieces with harder, edgier combinations. A nude pump, chic clutch and sparkly statement necklace can take this same outfit from daytime casual to a night on the town. I pulled a few pieces to show you how you, too, can create this same look!


Jacket / Tank / Shorts / Boots / Belt / Bag / Earrings (similar style) / Bracelet