Currently Obsessed: Oversized Scarves

I don't know what it is, but I am all about the scarf, you guys. I'm like Hilary Duff. (I read somewhere that she doesn't leave the house without one on...I don't know.) It's the ultimate accessory that takes any outfit to the next level. Down here in Tejas there's like, 3 days a year where scarves are actually functional. The other days they just serve as the best outfit bringer-together evvva. Not only do I love a cute number draped around my neck, but I love even more when it's big and cozy and I can kind of hide my face in it. I wear caps when I don't wash my hair and chunky scarves when I don't wear my makeup. Ok not always...but ok sometimes. Maybe. Just the hat thing. Big scarves are for the days where I don't want to try TOO hard and maybe jewelry just isn't sounding like something I want to deal with...so I just throw a scarf on. It's like a "She didn't really care what she looked like today," type look, but then it's like a "Aw but she tried a little because she threw that cute scarf on.." Anyway. Scarves are the bomb diggity for a quick wardrobe pick-me-up. They also make for some fab gifts for your girlfriends.

Shop some of my favorites here:



What I Wore: Festive

So we had our divisional Christmas party at work on Monday. The theme was "tacky sweater", but I seemed to have misplaced my beaded, poinsettia-clad threads, so I just got festive instead. It's the holiday season, duh. When else can you wear metallics and flannels and sparkles and patent leather pumps all at once? I like to take full advantage of this special time of year. Some could argue that I still stuck to the "tacky" theme. I argue that those people are boring. Branch out y'all. Fashion is supposed to be fun and expressive.

Cheers to tacky sweaters..or lack thereof. In my case, cheers to wearing all of your favorite holiday getup all at once. There ain't nothin' wrong with feeling the festive holiday spirit, y'all. ONE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS!

Top: Forever 21; Skirt: Banana Republic via Buffalo Exchange; Heels: Zara; Necklace: F21; Lips: NARS 'Heat Wave'


What I Wore: Bundled Up

 Didn't you hear? North Texas got some winter weather, you guys. We had four days straight of solid ice, not snow, which is 10 times more annoying and about 5,000 times more dangerous. It looks all wintery and pretty until you get out in it and you realize your car is glued shut under three inches of solid ice, and your trip out to your car was so slippery you have a minor breakdown and feel the urge to sit down and scoot your way back to your front door.

It was seriously cold around these parts too. Obviously. It's been a week and there's still massive patches of frozen disgustingness laying on roads and yards and rooftops. 

When our cabin fever became too much to handle, husband and I bundled up in 18 layers each and slowly ventured down the road to a little hole-in-the-wall Mexican food joint in our neighborhood.

Here are few pics we snapped before it got dark that night. I LOVE oversized cozy sweaters, leather leggings and fur trimmed things during the cold weather months, so I saw it as a good opportunity to do a little outfit post. I'm so thankful that I made this coat purchase because it has been SUCH a lifesaver in recent days! 

I haven't owned a puffer jacket since my freshman year of college. It was white and a cute little cropped number from A&F. Worked wonders during the cold months out in West Texas (before I joined the bandwagon and got a North Face fleece), until one day it was super icy and I was rushing to my English class and I stepped on some ice and BAM! Hit the ground. My little ZTA mug full of hot chocolate covered my white jacket. It was done for. Ruined. As was my morale and ego in that very moment. Falling on your face...LITERALLY on your face...isn't exactly the "cool" thing to do when you're a freshman on a college campus trying to blend in. The entire world stopped and stared. I was mortified. And for some reason, in a moment like that, all you really want is a friend there to burst out laughing and take your mind off of how much pain both your face and your pride are in. But I had no good friend with me. Just a bunch of people rushing to my aid asking me if I needed an ambulance. I'm tellin' y'all...this fall was one for the books...still haunts me.

Anywho. Lucky for me, I didn't bite it onto the ice this past weekend. Small victories.
All that being said, this jacket is the bomb diggity and totally worth every penny. It's from JCPenney and comes in four colors and is warm, cute and as flattering as a puffer jacket can be!


Jacket: JCPenney; Sweater: GAP (last year, similar here); Leggings: ASOS; Boots: Dolce Vita; Faux fur scarf: Target; 
Gold rings: H&M


A Last Minute Christmas Craft

So for the last 6 months or so, the door to our apartment has housed a lovely "house divided" themed wreath. Some Texas Tech AND Texas A&M colors and logos and a big fat foam football along with it. Now that college football season is basically over and the holidays are here (hello, two weeks y'all!) I've been wanting to make our door a little more festive. So, I hit up Hob Lob, aka my mothership, and grabbed a few knick-knacks at 50% off. I wanted a quick homemade wreath that wouldn't require a ton of supplies or prep time. 

Here's a quick look at how you too can make my easy little no-brainer Christmas door decor. 
What's it going to cost you, you ask? Less than $20. BOOM. 

First, you'll want to make yourself a big pretty bow. If you're like me then you know that bow making is really that of a talent. A very impressive talent. It's not anything like tying shoes type bows..no no. It takes practice and lots of ruined ribbon before you can really accomplish that of professional standards. Props to those sweet ladies who volunteer to gift wrap at department stores...it's no walk in the park, I tell ya. If you need some guidance, google it. There's about 8,000 "how to tie the perfect ribbon bow" videos out there on YouTube. Yes...I watched one. Four times.

Or, perhaps you're like my mother, and with a few quick whips and flips of the hand you've got this stunning, plush bow that sunlight gleams down upon and it makes all those professional gift wrappers pee their panties a little. If that's you then bravo. You're one of the few.

Here's my janky little JV version of a bow. It will have to work for now.

Next, grab that hot glue gun and start pasting away. You'll want to heavily glue your sprigs onto your wreath because they're a little heavy and there's not a ton of surface space for adhesion.

Match one side to the other and glue one on each side of the lower portions of the wreath frame. Be sure to be patient with the hot glue and give it plenty of time to set and harden.

Next, place your big fancy bow that you've now spent hours trying to master via YouTube (sorry), and glue that bat boy right in the middle of your two sprigs. Again, be sure to use lots of glue and give it time to cool and settle.

Here's what your finish product will look like:

Voila! I mean...it's nothing fancy you guys. I'm not claiming to be Martha Stewart here. Or my mom. But hey, it's easy and quick and festive and all of the things I love about Christmas decor.

Now, on to watch more ribbon bow tutorials...

Merry almost Christmas!


Some Changes

Surprise! So maybe it’s been a good minute since I last posted. But this life of mine has been preeeeetty busy lately. With a husband who works long hours during the months of August – November, I’m kind of out of a photographer to capture my outfits each time I like them enough to want them captured. By the time his season is over, the sun is setting at like, 5:30, and the daylight just isn’t available long enough for any type of photo sesh. Shucks. The life of a football coach’s wife, I tell ya. On top of that, maybe our camera was in the shop for a few weeks recently because it got a little shaken up on our trip to San Francisco a few months ago. It camped out in my backpack and endured lots of bike riding, walking, etc, and maybe sometimes I forgot that it was in there when I plopped my bag on the ground here and there. Not saying that’s what caused the malfunction, but there’s a good chance that it did. My husband made me solemnly swear that I would take good care of the camera when we purchased it earlier this year, but let’s be honest here. I’m not good with breakable items. I’m on my fifth iPhone in six years. I never lose anything, but you can bet I’ll break a few.
So, aside from all that mumbo jumbo, I’ve been doing some soul searching and meditating (OK that’s dramatic) but I HAVE been thinking about things recently and while I’ve LOVED the opportunities that this fashion blog has brought me over the last couple of years, I think it’s time for a fresh face and a new direction. There are so many things that I enjoy doing and while fashion has been a love of mine for a long time, this creative outlet has encouraged me to pursue and express my other passions. Art, design, photography, crafts…really anything of that nature. So moving forward, this site will no longer be me posting pictures of my outfits and shopping ideas, it will also include other aspects of my life. It’ll be more of a lifestyle blog and much more of an outlet for me to express and share all different parts of my life. With recent news of our upcoming addition to our family (helllllo June 11th!), I also want a place for our families to come to find pictures and stories of our journey through this pregnancy and into parenthood.  
So, I hope you’ll continue following along in this new journey and direction I’m taking – and don’t worry! The fashion will go nowhere! I’m still going to keep that part of this blog strong, but you can definitely expect some other random, probably sometimes pointless entries about life, love, family, food, crafts, design, photography, my unhealthy obsession with Justin Timberlake and my dog, Parker….I mean anything goes, guys.
Also, maybe you’ve noticed the name has changed. The new direction just called for a name change, which is why this bad boy is now ‘Champagne and Sneakers”. A little bit of the fun, fancy things in life, and a little bit of the down-home, laid-back important things. Ain’t nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of champagne in your old sneaks, y’all. It’s probably what I’ll be doing in about 6 months or so.

So, come fly with me...come fly, let's fly awayyyyyyyyy...

I just heard Michael Buble belt that and it felt relevant for some reason. It isn't really, though. Hope you guys continue to follow along and enjoy the changes! Thank you for your continual support and kind words - it means more than you know!


Topshop Perfection

Y'all. To say that I am obsessed with Topshop's current collection is the understatement of the century. At a current trend download meeting I was in at work on Monday, we had several of Topshop's latest pieces in to review. 

I. DIED. I couldn't even focus on the meeting because all I wanted to do was run over and steal these items and take off down the hall. They're perfection beyond perfection.

This red shift dress is literally the most gorg simple little dress you've ever seen. It's a rich, bold gorgeous color, yet it's somehow so understated. It's got a semi-loose, body-skimming fit. SO fab for Fall. Just throw on a pair of heels or chunky bootie with it and a great statement necklace and you've got yourself a todiefor look for any occasion. 

And THIS JACKET!?!? I mean.....I can't even...

And these heels. Every gal needs a pair like this in her closet. 

You guys. Topshop is what dreams are made of this season.

Topshop Perfection




Fall 2013 Must-Haves

Oh, what's up, Fall? The best season has finally arrived, y'all. Football season is in full swing, the pumpkin spice lattes are a-flowin' and everyone seems to have a little extra pep in their step. Who doesn't love this time of year? 

With cooler temps on the rise, our wardrobe essentials are changing and its time to make a few additions to our closet. I love dressing this time of year because it's just cool enough for a great bomber jacket, but you don't have to worry TOO much about functionality because temps are comfortable. I've compiled a short list of some of my personal fall must-haves for a great wardrobe this season.

1) A buttery, slim-fitted bomber/motorcycle jacket.
Leather jackets have come a long way and these days there are endless options for both the high-end and frugal fashionistas. From faux leather styles that won't break the bank to designer deals to invest in - a leather jacket is a staple this season. It can be worn over the shoulders with a simple white tee and a mini or you can layer it up with a flannel button down and your favorite jeans! Pick your poison, my friends. It's the ultimate staple item. Here are a few great options.

Love this silhouette for a steal. Invest & splurge here.

2) A simple, slouchy white tee.
This item goes no where and is a year-round, all season must-have. A great white tee is an essential. A white tee is an easy go-to when we feel like we have absolutely nothing to wear (um, hello, daily for me). They can be layered under a great jacket or worn by themselves with any and every bottom imaginable! Getcha self one. You need it. It's a cure-all. And the good news is that you can find a great one at a low cost at your local Target, Old Navy or Forever 21!
 (PS: How many hyphenated words can I fit in one little paragraph??...annoying.)

3) A sparkly statement.
I can't say enough how big of a life changer a chunky sparkler can be. My favorite way to glam up a vintage tee or simple cotton dress. Don't be afraid, girlfriends! A little frosting never hurt nobody! My favorite place to score a glam one?
Bauble Bar all the way, baby. Browse their stunning collection here. They have it all and SO many options. I'm obsessed!

4) Mirrored Sunnies.
It's a new/old take on the classic aviator and Ray-ban makes a great pair. Love the cool look the mirrored lenses create! Sunglasses are a gal's best friend. Especially when she decides that make up is a no-go. Or maybe she stayed out 'til 4 AM and needs to hide. Either way, they're a Fall essential in the accessory department.

5) A great fitting pair of black leather (or leather-accented) skinnies.
I've always said that if there's a place to spend a liiiiittle more money and it be 100% worth it, it's in the pants department. A more expensive pair is usually well made and the fit is much more flattering and thought out. It's easy to grab a cheap-o pair, but many times you'll find the seams warping after one wash and color fading and pockets ripping and then you're back where you started. Faux leather pants or even jeans that have a silk dye in them to give them a leather look are a great investment and totally worth your buck. H&M and Zara are two places that I typically snatch up a pair or two each season, but if you're looking for the real deal, invest in a solid pair of J BRAND. They're the winner in the jeans department and while their prices range from $150-$1,000 (yikes!) you're guaranteed to find a flattering, slimming, comfy pair that will last you years to come!

6) A chunky, brown ankle boot.
Rag & Bone is the king/queen/prince/creator/master of the brown suede ankle boot and they never fail. However, not all of us want to spend $400+ on a pair of shoes, no matter how amazing they are, so there are places everywhere that have amazing options. A brown suede ankle boot is the perfect addition to take your favorite mini skirt or pair of shorts from summer to fall with. Just pair them with a chunky knit sweater and you're good to go! Or throw them on with a flowy dress or a great pair of skinny denim. They're kind of the bomb diggity.
Check these pairs out:

Target // Dolce Vita // Rag & Bone // Steve Madden

7) A colored tote.
A great way to be trendy this season AND incorporate a pop of color into your look is to wear it in your accessories. Namely, your bag. A bold kelly green or burgundy bag provides a bright pop and Fall touch to any look this season. Places like TJMaxx have great options for those looking for festive pieces to sport through the season. I love the way a bright purse looks up against a neutral or black ensemble!

8) A chunky knit scarf.
Scarves are the ultimate accessory for me. When I'm unsure of a look or need just a little pick-me-up to throw over a basic tee and jeans, knit scarves always save the day. They look great over a cute dress and leggings or a denim top and some skinnies. My go-to look? A messy high bun with a scarf wrapped around my neck, a white tee, leather jacket and chunky bootie or sneaker. Easy breezy, y'all.

 River Island, Target, Nordstrom & ASOS all have fantastic options for any price point!

Now treat yourself to some of these Fall essentials, girlfriend. You deserve it!

Fall 2013 Must-Haves


Five Coats

With the start of Fall last week, it's only normal that us ladies are already thinking about our colder weather wardrobe. Whether you're up north and already experiencing cold & snow, or you're down south and maybe just feeling the cooler temps in the evening, it's time to start eyeballing the most essential part of your closet this season - those coats!

I LOVE outerwear. I love Fall & Winter for this reason. I'm drawn to all types of cropped jackets and chic trench coats. In honor of our first somewhat official "cold" front coming to Dallas this weekend (use the "cold" term lightly), I thought I'd share with you five coats that I've found that match the needs of every girl out there - no matter your style! It's important that we have a variety of both functional AND fashionable key outerwear go-tos, am I right? 

And, an even better part to this whole shenanigan is that they're all affordable and you can find them online or at your local JCPenney. Layer them up with some slouchy tees and skinnies and chunky ankle boots and you have yourself a seriously cute look.

Check 'em out, y'all.

Happy Friday!!

Shop the links below:



All Grey Errrthing

Just a quick pop-in to say hello!

I've been finding myself drawn to greys and neutrals lately - sometimes subtle color makes a big statement! I love a good monotoned look - so this 50 shades of grey look is kind of a no brainer for me! Not to mention it encompasses all things I love right now - mixed patterns, vests, studs, florals...I mean...easy breeziness. I paired it with some flat booties for work and an easy heel for the after hours!

Happy Thursday!

What I'm Wearing: Dress: Prabal Gurung (steal, splurge); Vest: Target; Bag: F21; Belt: Francesca's (similar here); Boots: Target (similar here)



Naturally I got all done up one night for a date and saw a quick moment to grab a few outfit pics, but my camera decided not to cooperate. So a trusty iPhone is all I had. I snagged this cropped top and skirt several months ago on sale and they're two of my favorite pieces. Sometimes it's fun to feel girly in a full, flowy, tea-length skirt, amIright? 

The cropped top trend kind of weirds me out, but I think it can be done so tastefully when paired with something to distract from the fact that your midsection is peeking through. It's kind of like the new age Hollister tube top. Remember when that was cool? Short, cotton tube tops? Yikes.

Since the skirt is SO stinking pink, I just paired it with some black and white accessories and called it a night. Along with my go-to turquoise statement necklace.

Happy Monday!!

What I'm Wearing: Top: ASOS; Skirt: ASOS (other colors still available here); Heels: Target; Bag: Target; Rings: H&M; Necklace: Zara; Watch: Michael Kors; Bracelets: F21; Lips: NARS 'Schiap'; Sunglasses: Milk + Honey Boutique (Dallas, TX)


Gameday Inspiration: The glam and girly girl

For the gals that love to dress up for these events - there's a way to look glam and still be comfy while cheering on your favorite team! Go with a flowy dress or romper in a fun print like stripes or polka dots. Don't be afraid of rocking that bold color! Accessorize with pops of another color to incorporate all of your team spirit in the look. As you can see below, I love a great leopard print paired with some polka dots! It's a brave mix of patterns - but it ALWAYS works! If you're someone that wants to wear a cute heel too, go with a simple wedge or espadrille for comfort while you're on your feet all game!

Gameday for the glam and girly girl


College Game Day Inspiration: The Sporty Girl

Football season is back, y'all! Yippeeee! It's quite arguably THE most fun time of the year down here in Tejas. It's one of three seasons we have here, actually. There's non-patio season, patio season and then football season. We even get really lucky during the times when patio season and football season intertwine. It's like the stars align and all is right in the world.

I've had so many questions about gameday attire - so I thought I'd share a few ideas on how to rock some team spirit in your wardrobe this fall! For today's look, I'm targeting the laid-back, I wanna be comfortable AND cute type gal. Someone that's sporty and casual, yet wants to pull together a look that she's not afraid to wear around town after the game! For me, sneakers have become my best friend. You can wear them with anything and they can pull together any outfit for any occasion. I also find it's fun to incorporate my school colors in different ways. For example, instead of wearing a bold color in your top, try rocking it in other areas - like a bright short or a baseball cap. It's easy to find a neutral top to throw over your bold pops of color in your shorts or accessories! Keep the jewels to a minimum and don't be afraid to dress down. After all it IS a football game, and sometimes simple and cute is the best way to go at events like this! Stay tuned for more gameday attire inspiration coming this week!

Game Day Sporty


San Fran Getaway

My husband and I decided to take a little getaway to the 'ole West Coast for a few days. Obviously, it was a no-brainer that San Fran would be our destination of choice. Neither of us had been there and after hearing countless tales of how amazing the city was, we finally got to make a trip!

We spent four days in the chilly city and had such a great time! We rented bikes and grabbed a local map and roamed the city for hours...down the ocean front and over the massive (and super eerie) Golden Gate Bridge and down into the gorgeous little seaside town of Sausalito before hopping on a ferry across the bay back to the city. 

We had some amazing seafood down on Fisherman's Wharf. 

We stayed in a gorgeous hotel right in the center of some amazing shopping in Union Square. 

We got to experience what was hands down THE most amazing concert there will ever be - a little Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z on their Legends of the Summer Stadium Tour stop at Candlestick Park. (And then maybe fought a crowd of 55,000 people and hitch-hiked through the hood that surrounds the stadium at midnight on a Friday night and maybe feared for our lives until we could chase down a cab to take us back to our hotel after the concert...) 

We rented a car and drove an hour north into wine country and stopped at a few wineries in Napa Valley. Which, is quite possibly, the most serene and peaceful and gorgeous place I've ever been in the U S of A.

All in all it was a perfect trip....I can't wait to go back again one day! If you haven't been to the Bay Area, it's a definite vacay spot for anyone wanting to get away! 

And just a little disclaimer: If you're traveling in July, take yourself a solid little winter coat.
It's true what Mr. Twain once said: "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco..."
50 degrees in July, guys. 50. stinkin. degrees.

Here are a few snaps of our weekend out in Cali.



Summer Uniform

Top: Urban Outfitters; Shorts: H&M; Clutch: Express; Boots: Target; Earrings: Nordstrom; Bracelets: Ann Taylor; Sunglasses: Milk + Honey (Dallas, TX)