Monday Inspiration: Superbowl Chic

I don't know about you guys, but I'm a big fan of this sporty-meets-chic trend that's happening right now. People ask me all the time what my personal style is, and I like to think this encompasses it. In fact, it kind of inspired the name of my blog, Champagne + Sneakers. I love the juxtaposition of mixing the girly side of me with the tomboy side of me, and letting that reflect in my daily wardrobe. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of days where I'm all in on one side or the other, but for the most part, my ideal outfit embraces both styles. I think there's just something cool about a laid-back look that is put together and chic, but easy going and a little "off-duty". As a female, I think it's important to have a little bit of it all inside of you, too. Embrace the feminine, girly side of yourself, but don't be afraid to get outside and play and get dirty and hang with the boys. Sometimes I think there's nothing more fun than being glammed up in my heels and red lipstick at work and surprising the boys around the office by hanging with their college football talk or hunting stories.

With the Superbowl coming up this weekend, we all know Sunday will be jam-packed with parties galore. BBQ, beer, appetizers, loud screaming and lots of emotion will flood the day. As I'm thinking ahead to the weekend, of course I'm thinking about what I'll be wearing, and what better time than to bring out that girly-meets-sporty side of you? Am I right? Naturally, I've been browsing for inspiration and came across these images that are all examples of fun ways to wear the trend.

Now, don't get me wrong here, there's nothing wrong with throwing on a jersey and some cutoffs and calling it a day. But, if the inner female inside of you wants to get a little more glammed up, here are some great ways to do so!

Enjoy! Happy Monday!!


Baby Space

You know when you get on Pinterest and you get a glimpse of something you like and then 3 hours later and 3 new boards later you've pinned 87 pins and created for yourself this imaginary life that you may never be able to live up to but can dream about since the images are forever on your Pinterest radar? That's me on your average Tuesday. And every other gal out there, for the most part. We put together our dream wedding before we're even engaged, we pull looks for our celebrity-worthy closet, we create a cookbook that, let's be honest, we'll never be housewife enough to ACTUALLY make all the recipes we've pinned into it. But knowing they're all there is peace of mind enough, right? I know I'm not the only girl unashamed to admit to her addiction, here. My name is Blaine and I have a problem.

Well, with baby on her way in the nextttt oh, 20 weeks or so, I've been day dreaming of all the little girly things I can get my hands into. All thanks to the endless amounts of images on the world wide web. And Pinterest, of course. Her sweet little nursery is the biggest task on my mind, and I've been finding inspiration out the wazoo for this little nugget's living space. I've been gathering all sorts of photos with hopes that as the time gets closer, we'll have all we need to create a precious little home for sweet girl.

Can we get an AMEN for Pinterest? A. MEN.

Hope you find this cute little nurseries as adorable and PINteresting as I did. 
See what I did there? HA. A little joke for your Wednesday. You're welcome.


2014 Pantone Color of the Year:

So every year Pantone releases their "color of the year". This color is a color that we can expect to see on runways and shelves at stores in the months to come. Personally, I LOVE the color this season and am so looking forward to hopefully seeing it everywhere soon! This shade of purple looks great on every skin tone and can be worn on an piece - clothing or accessory - there is! Be on the lookout for every shade of orchid, y'all!

Get a head start and shop some of my favorite pieces in this gorgeous shade below:


A Birthday

Twenty-four short years ago, a tiny little peanutty baby was born in Austin, TX. I was two at the time. Two years and three months, to the date, to be exact. Though I'd like to pretend I remember her arrival, I don't. I have a good memory, but I don't claim to be any kind of super human who remembers a time before they could even talk. Courtney Taylor Oertli came into our lives...my life...that day, and what a blessing it was.

From that day forward, I had a life-long companion and best friend in my little sister. We shared a bedroom, always had on matching outfits (let's talk printed tights, bedazzled t-shirts, white ruffly socks + keds another day) and were pretty much inseparable. She was always the loving one, the child that was protective of her mommy and daddy and tagged along with her big sis to learn the ropes. She cooperated and smiled. I didn't. I was stubborn and painfully shy and the combination of the two makes for a difficult child at times. Court was pleasant and always willing. We had good laughs with her as a toddler - referring to herself as "Tortney" to all she met. When anyone would then call her "Tortney" she would scream in a fit, "My name's not TORTNEY, it's TORTNEY!" Over and over again. In her head, she was saying it right and we all had it very wrong. She also refused to eat anything that she didn't think was chicken, so every food group quickly became chicken. If you told her it was, then she thought it was. I still laugh when I pass Golden Chick restaurants, because growing up they were called Golden Fried Chicken and Court would excitedly scream out anytime we passed one, "Momma we go to goldfriecheekin?" Just the sweetest little munckin ever. When she was about five, my mom gave her a short haircut that maybe wasn't the most feminine thing ever, and I can remember one time going to Sonic and rolling down my window for the waitress when she asked me to hand the drink over to my little brother. I died laughing and didn't correct her. Court quickly burst into tears.."I'M NOT HUR BRUDDER I'M HUR SISTUR!" Poor little thing. I think she had a bit of a complex for a while after that.

A couple of years later, our next sister, Jordan, was born. I was pushing ten years old at the time and Court had just turned seven. I had become the annoying, antagonizing big sister at this point. I got babysitting duties from time to time, and as soon as the parents were out of the house, I quickly deferred them to poor Court. "Hey, see how fast you can run into the kitchen and get Jordan's bottle for me. I'll time you and give you a quarter if you make it in less than 10 seconds." She did it, willingly, every single time. Servant's heart, you guys, I tell ya. She changed diapers and dealt with our new baby sister whenever she was being anything but pleasant (because hello, I totally had it on lock when she was sleeping or maybe smiling and laughing). She was just the best little sister to me at all times. Even after I stuck a hanger through the back of her overalls and hanged her up in the closet and shut the door one day. I just wanted to see if I could, y'all. Is that so wrong of me? It was successful and she flailed around dangling by her overalls in her closet for a few minutes before I took her down. I might have gotten in a bit of trouble for that one.

Anyway, I could go on and on with a zillion stories about how wonderful of a blessing Courtney Taylor Oertli (now Vaughan) has been for the 24 years she's been on this planet. She's always smiled, given her all, loved those around her, influenced us all, made us laugh and been a hero to those who are close to her. She excels in everything she does and walks in faith of the Lord each day. She has accomplished so many things over the years - excelling in academics, receiving a full-ride scholarship to play Division 1 volleyball at Villanova University, becoming an RN and now a wife. Her kind, servant's heart has touched all who know her and is such a blessing to the children she works with each day in the Pediatric ICU. She gives selflessly and endlessly and is the most genuine, soft-spoken, silly, caring, loving person I know. She's THE most wonderful little sister, big sister, daughter, wife, nurse, caretaker, blessing, friend and soon-to-be Aunt CoCo around.

If you see her today, give her a big hug and a high five. Maybe a shove or a flick. Whatever your taste is. Today is her day and we're all SO lucky to have her around for another year. She makes everything better. She's my hero and role model and is everything I want to be when I grow up. :) Love you, sister. Hope you know how much you're loved and adored!

So, to our favorite Courtney, Tortney, Shortney, Boo, Barracuda, Cudabear, Oertli, Dertle, Babe (ok, so I don't know what Dustin calls you so I just had to guess there):

 HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY! Wish I could be there with you to celebrate. I hope it's just the best ever.

**PS: If you want a taste of how amazing her heart is, watch this highlight video from her wedding a few months ago. In the beginning of the video, she's reading a snippet from a journal she kept to her "future husband" for years before she met Dustin. He had NO idea. It played over the speakers of the church before she walked down the aisle. AMAZING! She's just the best.

Watch the wedding video HERE.



[sweater: GAP, jeans: GAP; boots: Target; bag: TJMaxx; rings: H&M; bracelets: Forever21, Madewell, sunglasses: Rayban]

It's a good thing this slouchy clothing thing is in these days. I woke up Wednesday morning and it was like all of a sudden all of the clothes that fit me like, 2 days ago have warped and no longer fit like they did. My body woke up and decided to look pregnant. At least more than it had before. Good thing I actually AM pregnant, amiright? I'd really have a mental breakdown if this was just the result of one too many sugar cookies over Christmas. Which, I guess it very well could be that, too. I have the sweet tooth that haunts every dentist's dreams.

So maybe I tried on 5 pairs of my regular pants when I was getting dressed for work because I am already sick and tired of the legging thing, and not a single pair fit comfortably. They button and all, but I just can't help but think that they're cutting off all circulation to my unborn child. Thus, after throwing the ultimate pathetic first-time-pregnant girl fit, I found my old boyfriend jeans (because hello, they're MADE to be big) and the baggiest sweater I own and called it a day. Unfortunately, I think the day has come where I have to put my size 4 skinny jeans in the back of my closet for the next 5 months. Bring on the maternity elastic waist bands that come up to your bra line. Every man's dream.



Cold Weather Uniform

So maybe I've been living in some form of flannel + tights combo since it got cold enough to be acceptable. It's pretty pathetic, really. My husband has even started making comments. I've now started calling myself out on it before hand, too. "YES I'M WEARING THE SAME OUTFIT AGAIN FOR THE THIRD TIME THIS WEEK, GET OVER IT." Maybe I feel like if I admit it out loud then I won't feel as lazy with my wardrobe picks. Like ole Abe Lincoln always said, "If it ain't broke don't fix it, my friends." Just kidding. I don't know who said that, but it sounds like something inspirational he could have said and I like it.

On another note, we are experiencing the coldest couple of days that the country has seen in like, 20 years. I mean it's just crazy. It's creating quite a stir. I'm all sorts of ok with it though because it means that I can keep wearing my flannel and not feel bad about it.


Tee: Old Navy; Flannel: H&M; Tights: ASOS; Boots: Target; Scarf: Target; Bag: Pour La Victoire



Inspired by: Casual Sequins

Every year, the holidays roll around and every female leaps for joy to grab every opportunity they can to throw on some sparkle. By the time New Years Eve has come and gone, the sparkle has worn out its welcome and it is quickly thrown in the back of our closets with our high school letter jackets and bottle-capped belts.  Now I'm not usually one to express my love for year-round sequins, but lately they've really been catching my eye. Women everywhere are finding more ways to style them throughout the seasons, and I'm becoming more and more of a fan of casual sparkle. As long as they remain in moderation, of course. I'm not trying to be Vanna White here, y'all.

While browsing a few of my inspiration boards, I stumbled across these images as saved them as reminders that sequins can be done tastefully and oh so casual-chicly (we're making that a word). I can't wait to pick up a few sequined pieces and find ways to incorporate them into my current wardrobe!

In the meantime, here are a few sequined gems you can snag for yourself and your closet today:

Blazer //  Mini Skirt // Maxi Skirt (obsessed with this look!) // Sequin Pants // Sequin top (from bottom right pic) 


When Shoes Speak

You know when you find a REALLY exciting something that you just can't live without? Maybe it's one of those sweet robot vaccuum things. Maybe it's a new Nike driver that is on sale. Maybe it's one of those really cool machines that spits your dog's ball out automatically for him so you don't have to touch the slobbery thing. Maybe it's any other gadget you spot while flipping through SkyMall on your two-hour flight to Dallas. Or perhaps, in my case, maybe it's a pair of sneakers. A pair of calf hair leopard print sneakers at that. Sometimes the design stars just align so perfectly as to create something that literally speaks English (but maybe in a sultry Australian accent because that accent always wins) and says "Blaaaiiiineeee....you NEED me." Luckily for me, I heard that smoldering voice shortly before my birthday so these sneaks were a gift request that was fulfilled by my dear old ma and pa. They're great. As as are these shoes, which is why I'm sharing them with you today.

Shop these bad boys here.


Goodbye 2013

Well...another year has come and gone. Pretty scary how quickly that seems to be happening these days. I swear I think about something daily and think, wait, that was HOW many years ago?! Sheeeeeesh. Time is a flyin' y'all.

This year was a big one for us. We had some big changes, gained family members and lost some. I'm so thankful for the memories and so very much looking forward to what should be an amazing 2014. 

Here are some of 2013's memories:

After five years together, my little sister married her high school sweetheart and dream man in a gorgeous little ceremony in South Texas. It went without a hitch, except for that one bridesmaid that walked down the aisle by herself and accidentally stepped out of her 5-inch heels and had to stop mid-stride to fumble the shoe around and slip it back on quickly because she knew the bride was about to begin her walk down the aisle right behind her...OH, wait. That was me. SO embarrassing. Sorry, sister. 

At the end of the summer, husband and I had the most amazing little vacay in northern California. It was a trip we'll both never forget. We spent four days in San Francisco and Napa and never wanted to leave. We rocked our little socks off at a Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z concert at the legendary Candlestick Park and then feared for our lives as we had to hitchhike through the hood around the stadium after the concert to find a cab back to our hotel. Ever been to Candlestick? The place is a dump and the neighborhood around it is quite possibly the scariest place I've ever been. Yikes! We rode bikes around the city and across the Golden Gate Bridge. We rented a car and drove up the coast to Napa and Sonoma to tour some wineries and indulge a little :) It was a wonderful trip where we spent way too much money but had way too much fun just enjoying each other's company. 

As usual, in the Fall, husband started football season. Since we relocated from Austin to Dallas in the spring, he had to begin a new job at a new school, but he didn't miss a beat. I'm so proud of that kid. I've never met anyone so passionate about what he does and is so good at doing it. He's incredibly talented and his happiness constantly inspires me to find a career doing what I love. All of the time alone, stress and frustration that goes into being a coach's wife is completely worth it when you can see the joy that it brings your husband. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

This year brought some tears and loss, as well. On September 26, I called my Grandpa to wish him a happy 84th birthday. He was playing bingo and drinking beer with his sister and my Grandma and was happy as a clam. He joked that he was going to lose his money and gave me a hard time about being a football coach's widow before he said, "OK, well have a good night and thanks for calling, schnicklefritz! Love you! See you soon!" And hung up. The next morning, I got a phone call from my dad. My grandpa had suffered a heart attack and passed away suddenly shortly after I had talked to him the night before. Devastating, unbelievable news. I had JUST talked to him! He was laughing and happy and loving life! How is that even possible? He's was the funniest man I knew - full of life and wit and love. He will be so missed by so very many. Love you, Grandpa!

Then, the day after my Grandpa's funeral, I found out I was pregnant. Talk about some timing. The first thing I thought was, oh I wish I would have known and could have told him that night I called him! The news came as another surprise to us, but we are excited to be welcoming our first little bambino the first week of June! 

I'm so very much looking forward to this new year. A new adventure in our life and new memories to make. I hope all of you find an adventure for yourselves this year. Find a way to be a better you. Make someone smile. Start your dream job or find your dream man. 
I hope all of your best wishes come true!

Cheers to 2014!