A Little Darker

I wore this outfit to a fashion event here in Austin on Friday night. It was on the top floor of a building surrounded by glass windows & 360 degree views of downtown. It had this dapper glam unfinished warehouse feel and was such a fun way to kickoff the weekend. I've been looking for an excuse to wear this leather accented peplum top and my favorite pair of mary jane pumps, so it was just the occasion! I paired the two with this ultra comfy lace cotton skirt and threw a studded belt over it to edge things up a little. The night was SO much fun and I was so happy to have one of my best girlfriends there as my hot date. Thanks to Polly, the designer of the mega awesome Rare Trends Collection, for my tickets!

Also, yes, the blonde locks are gone and my hair is now brown with a little blonde ombre fade underneath. It's taking some getting used to.

Top: Nordstrom (recent) (similarsimilar); Skirt: Zara (similar); Belt: Francesca's Collections; Clutch: Express; Shoes: Vince Camuto; Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel


Fall Beauty Sussies

Just a few little knick knack beauty items I've picked up for the Fall season. All my life my mom has called little purchases like these as "sussies", so I've adapted the term. Here are some fun fall beauty sussies. 

However, please do not confuse this term with the word "hussy". I did not pick up some hussies for the fall season. That would make this an entirely different kind of post.

Just a few of my favorite new beauty products I thought I'd share with you cats so you can enjoy them for yourselves, as well. 

6) Black & Gold Art Deco Earrings from Touch of Sass (Austin, TX)

On an unrelated note, don't pretend like you don't want these shoes.
That's all.
 Happy last Saturday in September!


Austin Fashion Week Recap

Last month I had an amazing opportunity to get to work backstage at Austin Fashion Week. Though Austin isn't a city you'd think of when the term "fashion week" comes to mind, we still have what it takes down here in 'ole central Tejas. The week featured runway shows and looks from all sorts of local talent, which brings me to reason #234,098,234 as to why I love this city. The abundance of creative, artsy, right-brained, unique and not to mention fashion-minded folks around here just continues to blow my mind.

I assisted an amazing local stylist, Edie Henry, with three shows for the week. All three, of course, were Austin-based designers, each with a unique style and aesthetic among their collections. The kickoff event for the week was a red carpet collaboration event between AFW, Ferrari and Circuit of the Americas. (Because you're probably wondering: COTA is a Formula 1 US Grand Prix track that is coming to Austin in November.) European racing in Austin, TX, you might ask? I know. I think everyone questioned it a little in the beginning, too. It's going to bring some serious traffic and cash to the area though, so it's going to be a nice little business venture for the city. And on a totally unrelated note but I have to mention because it makes me little-kid giddy...COTA is having a kick-off music festival during their opening weekend in November. Nelly (yes, THE rapper Nelly) is going to be performing. I meannnn...if that's not reason enough to attend the event and be on board with the COTA track then I don't know what is. I vote yes.

The event was spectacular and such an amazing experience. It was about as Hollywood as we get down here in ATX, so it was glamorous, sultry and of course, full of gorgeous fashion! I loved every minute. I love styling and I loved the rushed, hustle and bustle backstage environment. So fun.

I've compiled a little photo diary for all of you. So prepare yourself for picture overload. I couldn't pick just a few to feature so I pretty much chose them all. Sorry I'm not sorry.

The kickoff event featured several designers, and I had the pleasure of assisting Edie in styling the looks for local designer Ross Bennett. Ross designed and unveiled the oh-so-fab outfits that will be worn by the COTA girls at the track. I loved the tailored mix of classic, girly pleats, boho fringe and naturally, Texas flair, that his adorable designs entailed. Ross and his team did a stunning job with these looks and the girls at the COTA track are going to look so killer.

Here are some pics from us prepping backstage and the runway show. Check these final looks out. Go ahead and drool, it's ok. We all did, trust me. A++ job from Ross and his team! I. was. obsessed.

All photos courtesy of the talented Jared Tennant & Steve Wampler.
Click the links to visit their sites and view more of their amazing work!

We also styled the beyond stunning Fall 2012 collection from Linda Asaf. Her looks were so major and gorgeous and immediately had all of us swooning. Her use of color, fabric and intricate details just made for an immaculate presentation! If you're ever in Austin, check out her designs. There's nothing that you won't want to immediately have hanging in your closet! To accessorize the looks we had another beyond gorgeous collection from Adorn By Samouce, and hooolllly jewelry. Guys, I was literally drooling over these pieces. I wanted every single one. Can't even express to you all how stunning these gems are. The combination of Linda's designs and the Adorn By Samouce jewels created a to-die-for look. 

(My absolute favorite pieces from Adorn By Samouce!)

Photos courtesy of Jared Tennant
....and my iPhone.

The last weekend of AFW we worked with local designers and sisters, Rare Trends. These women have such a keen eye for art and design and their collection was one of the most unique and stunning of the week! Their motto is "Women should wear art" and that's exactly what their collection represents. Pieces that are full of life, expression with a touch of sass and edginess. I LOVED. I mean, LOVED every single look. I want them all on my body like, now. Check out their fashionable art below and tell me you're not immediately obsessed. I hope I get the chance to work with these ladies again soon! I may have to make a visit to their showroom and drool a little more..:)

Photos by Jared Tennant

It was such an amazing week and I was in fashion heaven working backstage with such talented designers, models and stylists. Can't wait for next year!


Trendy Tuesday

Hey guys! I'm so excited to do something a little different today. I'm taking a break from my usual endless blabbing about all things fashion (keep your cheering to a minimum, thank you) and presenting you guys with a guest posting! Yiiippeee! I always am inspired by and love hearing from other fashionistas. This week, Anya Sarre from the amazing ShoeDazzle contacted me and is sharing one of her favorite trends for this fall season exclusively for us at OCW!

Anya Sarre is one of Hollywood's most influential trendsetters.  A nationally recognized celebrity stylist, Sarre is known for her impeccable eye and ability to tie any look together with the perfect accessory. Named "Best Television Fashion Stylist" for her appearances on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and countless other media outlets, Sarre is the go-to fashion expert for Hollywood's biggest celebrities!

She's written this great post for me for this special edition of OCW to share her advice and styling tips for one of fall's biggest head-turning trends! Buckle up guys, this girl is good. I've already told you all how much I adore mixing and matching feminine & masculine pieces and this is a GREAT way to do so! My wheels are already spinning about the military-inspired looks I want to create as we march into fall!

{Military-inspired Fashion Reappears for Fall}

Military wear have made a big impression on fall fashions this year. Easy adaptations to this trend fit seamlessly into a fashion diva’s closet. Don this trend’s structured silhouettes, epaulettes, and gold buttons and strut with confidence.

Tailored jackets and vests show off our natural curves and accentuate our assets. Embrace military chic’s feminine tailored pieces that also flaunt other fall trends. Top a midi skirt with a slight front slit with a structured military jacket. If you are looking for a pop of color, choose a jacket in fashion-forward hues, such as burgundy, indigo, or jade, or play with rich textures. Consider a military-inspired jacket in velvet, lined with fur, or accented in leather. 

Military chic lends naturally lends itself to trendy accessories and women’s shoes this season. Gold adds a touch of luxury to any ensemble, so choose the military pieces with gold buttons and threads of gold accenting epaulettes. A peak of gold on the ears or as trim on a clutch is a fitting finishing touch to pull an outfit together. Another perfect accessory union with military chic is a pair of gloves. Gloves in extreme lengths—long and sleek coming just above the elbows or short and sassy not quite coming to the wrists—add a feminine element to military chic. Again, play with colors, textures, and embellishments to draw attention to slim and sexy arms. Long, slightly shiny leather gloves with a row or two of metal studs just above the elbow suggest a walk on the wild side while dainty gloves in playful colors or with a hint of subtle pattern suggest femininity and coyness. 

Military chic would not be complete without utilitarian footwear and bags. Choose short, structured booties in tan, khaki, or olive greens with buckle accents, or consider military-inspired lace-ups with long jackets and short skirts. A squared handbag or across-the-body bag with gold buttons or utilitarian buckled pockets adds a finishing touch with utility and style. 

Adding military chic or androgynous elements to your closet does not have to break the bank. Choose a few key pieces that provide structure and update your look to remain true to your inner fashion diva.


Thanks, Anya! Guys, wasn't that amazing? She's got some great tips and advice and is totally spot on in my book! I love the trend and it can be worn and represented in so many chic ways! 


[For a Day of Shopping]

[For the Office]

[For a Night Out]

[Date Night]


Monday's Must Haves: Sneaks

I'm kind of in love with sneakers right now. I don't know if maybe it's from my excessive street style/fashion blog stalking recently or pics from girls looking fab dressed up/dressed down at NYFW last week...I don't know. It's possibly my obsession with fellow fashion blogger/stylist/cutie pie Sincerely, Jules and how seriously amazing she makes every outfit look with a pair of comfy sneaks. Whooo knows. Sneakers are coming around and are such a fun twist to the casual fall wardrobe. Don't get me wrong, I love me some slouchy tall boots too, and they're all sorts of comfortable. However, sneakers bring this I'm cool/comfy/cute/casual/trendy/confident vibe to any outfit. Now, I'm not saying let's all do the cliche "I have a fancy dress to wear to this gala but I'm going to switch it up and throw some Converse tennis with it because I don't care" move, because I think Kristen Stewart has exhausted that look on every red carpet she's walked since she was in Panic Room. However, I do think they're SO fun and so cool to wear out and about for a great street style look that isn't going to leave your feet crying out in despair. I love that sporty trends are being incorporated into our everyday wardrobe this season. What's more fun than looking cute AND being comfortable? I mean...it's a girl's dream, really. Even the girliest of girls can find ways to rock the sneaks without getting too far out of their comfort zone. They're cute with a light, flowy dress and a denim jacket, or with leggings, an oversized sweater and a chunky scarf. Options are endless! Here are some inspiration photos of the trend being done in an oh-so-fab way.

Here are some great, affordable sneaker options I've found so that you, too, can create this fab look!

Also, please please please join me in congratulating KELSEY FERGUSON as the winner of my Chloe + Isabel Giveaway! YAY KELSEY! Thanks for entering and for your great blog post advice! I'll definitely be listening and using your ideas! I'll email you with more info on how to cash in your prize! 


Chloe + Isabel Giveaway!

As you all know, I'm a merchandiser for the always fab jewelry line, Chloe + Isabel. This month I decided to do a little something special for all of you again and use my Chloe + Isabel roots for another jewelry giveaway! Hooorrrayyyy! Am I the only one that loves a giveaway? Surely not. Surely you're all equally as excited as I am.

 Not ONLY is this a jewelry giveaway but it's a special jewelry giveaway. Why you ask? Because instead of me giving you an item of my choice, I'm going to let you guys decide and enjoy a $50 shopping spree to spend however you choose! That's right...you read it correctly. FIFTY DOLLARS to spend at my
Chloe + Isabel boutique as you choose! I feel like the mom in all those Famous Footwear commercials that celebrates with fireworks and cheering when she presents her kid with a new pair of tennis shoes. Hopefully you know what I'm talking about.

Girls...you don't want to miss out on this opportunity, I can assure you. Everyone who is anyone wants to wear Chloe + Isabel jewels on their bod. It immediately knocks you up a few notches on the hot scale. Just kidding...sort of. Point is, the jewelry is amazing and you'll fall in love with your pieces! So jump on this chance to when a piece or two to start your obsession collection!

Visit my site HERE to browse the collection and eyeball those pieces you'll choose if you win!

Here's How To Enter:

1) "Like" OCW on Facebook.
2) Become a follower/member of OCW via Google+ (bottom left side of the blog)
3) Follow me on Twitter.

**Only those that have done all three will be eligible to win the shopping spree**

For BONUS entries:

1) Leave me a comment on the OCW Facebook page with ideas or suggestions that you'd like to see featured on the blog! I always love to hear from you and I love your input!

The giveaway will be open until Friday, Sept 14 at 5 pm. The winner will be randomly chosen and contacted the following day! Good luck to all of you! Hope you enjoy!!


Edge Up For Fall

It's the dawn of a new season, girlfriends. New York Fashion Week is upon us which means that fashionistas around the world are turning their attention to the runways, designers and the September issues of fashion magazines. This is my favorite time of year and I'm seeing so many new trends and snazzy looks that are inspiring me and getting my wheels turning. I can't wait to play in my closet to create some new looks for my fall wardrobe! Maybe along the way I'll snag a few new items to keep things fresh and updated...:) What I love most is that this year things are getting a little edgier. A little urban and dapper and I just loooove this look. I've compiled a list of items that are on my wish list and are certainly must-haves for this fall season. I adore the mixing and matching of feminine, edgy and casual chic-ness that designers have embraced for the cooler months ahead! Hooray for Fall, y'all! Yes, I meant to rhyme that...so cheesy.

Here are my top five (OK, maybe six because I couldn't narrow it down...) must-haves for Fall. What's on your list?

1) Denim Jacket. This has been a staple even throughout this summer season and it's going to sit on our fashion radar for a while! I recently purchased the denim (and cheaper) version of this one from Zara and I LOVE it! For whatever reason it's only available in store and not online, but it's a beaut! Check out your local Zara to find it. It'll definitely will be seeing it in outfit posts to come. You can find a similar verson of mine here. And there are some great options here, here and here.

2) Studs. They're edgy, funky and rock and roll and I love every bit of them! They can accent pieces (like my new denim jacket!) or cover items for an even harder look. I love them on black biker boots and over loafers for a little pop of glam! We're seeing clutches and bags accentuated with the studs too. They're everywhere! Don't be intimidated by the thought, either. Studs no longer have to be for those wearing all black banging on drums in 80s cover bands, they can be done moderately, too! Exhibit A, folks. This jacket has just enough to add a little edge to any look but not take you overboard! How killer are these flats? Or these studly things? How about this sexy bootie paired with some black skinnes, leather jacket and scarf? Helloooo sexy thing! Chic up your accessories with a great bag like this one, too! My gosh, and this bootie from Zara, is it even real? Heavenly! Girls, studs are such a great way to make a statement, add some edge and accessorize any piece of your wardrobe! Studly love!

3) Loafers. Menswear is in, and a pair of loafers is your new best friend. Your feet will love you. It's a new take to the everyday ballet flat we've been seeing for so many years now. The style and cut of the shoe is both flattering and comfortable and is a total win for any outfit at any time. They come in all prints and fabrics and can be dressed up with a dress or skirt, or down with some skinnies and a sweater. Forever 21 has a shimmery low-cost pair here, as well as a great leopard pair in store! I own that pair myself :) And, well, Steve Madden is the KING of fabulous loafers - check out my favorite prints here, here and here!

4) Cap-toe Pumps. I don't know what it is, but I adore the cap-toe pump. Something about it says sophisticated yet unexpected. It adds a little bit of pop to a heel and draws the eye to the toe to elongate the leg. So gorgeous! I'm loving every pair I'm seeing right now. Check out these great pairs: Zara, J.Crew, Guess, Miu Miu & Christian Siriano for Payless

5) Leather, Leather & Leather. This season, we're seeing it on every article of clothing with every designer. Solid leather pieces, leather accents, the whole shebang. Celebs and models alike have stunned runways and appearances with leather shorts and pants this year and it just gets cooler and cooler in my book. Leather is such a chic way to dress up a simple black look and there's no denying that it brings a wow factor all its own. Biker jackets like this one or this one are a great way to complete any ensemble and the perfect layering piece for all of your fall looks! Take a risk you'll be proud of and wear it on bottom with jeans, shorts or a skirt! Adoring this look. Leather accents are another way to play up the trend. It adds a pop of chicness and edginess that can't be ignored. How fun is this t-shirt? I adore this trench from Steve Madden, as well as this one from Zara. A little mixed media is always a great touch.

6) Sequins. Admit it. We all feel a liiiittle sassier and girlier when we sparkle. It's a fact. I love a casual look dressed up with a hint of shine or sparkle to add that girly, statement effect. How fun is this blazer paired with a white tank, skinny jeans and some chunky boots? Or this tank with a cropped jacket and black skinnies? I also adore a great mini and slouchy top combo. How fun is this skirt? Such a fun way to shine when you're out and about. Just don't over do it and be aware of your environment. Not all employers are fans of the glam.

Let me leave you with some of pics of inspiration (a la pinterest) for my own Fall wardrobe. Hope you're inspired and excited about this season's fashion greatness!