Graduating Gorgeousness

Ok guys. I'm taking the blog to a little more of a personal level today because I have to brag a little. Or maybe alot. My younger sister, Courtney, is about three weeks away from graduating and finishing up her tenure at Villanova University. Now, if you know anything about that school or my sister, you'd know that it's the best of the best and to have a diploma from the institution is like gold. VU graduates are on a level of their own. However, not only is she graduating, but she's graduating from their nursing school program, among the top of her class, with honors. AND she was a stand out setter on their Division 1 volleyball team all four years. So somehow she managed to juggle long practices, traveling weekly to games across the country, study hours, classes, clinical hours at hospitals all over the Philadelphia area, bible studies, babysitting, flying back to Texas for holidays with the family, her long-distance boyfriend...I mean you name it, the kid has done it for four years straight. Take a minute to give her an imaginary high five, please, because the good Lord in heaven knows that it has not been an easy road. The good Lord also knows that if there's anyone who can handle all of those responsibilites successfully and gracefully, it's Courtney. She's the hardest working, most dedicated and disciplined person I know, and it's certainly all paying off for her. I'd like to think she learned it all from me, but let's be honest here. I think there were several times throughout her college career that my parents actually told her she needed to take it easy, maybe skip a class to give her mind a break here and there, relax and go have fun. Meanwhile they were getting grey hairs and probably becoming mild alcoholics stressing over me because I was getting Bs in classes like "Jogging" solely based on attendance...or lack therof. It's true. I'm not proud. Courtney > Blaine at school, obviously. I think I had a minor "what in the world am I doing with my life" moment recently, followed by a few days of deep depression when she emailed me her resume to review. Nonetheless, there truly is no one more deserving of a successful life and career than my little sister and I'm just so unbelievably proud of her accomplishments. She's incredible, to say the least.
            She recently sent me several of her graduation announcement pictures and I was totally blown away. Not only does she have all of the credentials, but she's a total and complete knock out and just gets more stunning as she gets older! I know, I'm only like, 27 months older than her, but I'm like a proud mama here. The girl is just the total package and I just had to share with all of you how proud I am of little Tortney. I'm also proud that she finally learned that her name did not begin with a "T". For the first five or so years of her life she struggled with that one, bless her cute little heart. Here are a few of her recent graduation pictures, and as you can all see, she's fabulous! I think she looks so gorgeous and I totally and absolutely commend her outfit choices. A+, for sure. Sister, if life in the medical field gets boring, I highly suggest you take up modeling, you sexy thing, you. Boys...back off. She's taken.

Court I'm SO proud of you and can't wait until you're back in Texas! You've been through the ups and downs the last four years and have managed to take it all with great stride. You've accomplished so much and are such an incredible person! Congrats on landing your dream job in the residency program at Cook Children's Hospital in Ft. Worth! Those kiddos are going to be so blessed to have you. We're all going to love having you just up the road from us from here on out and not across the country! I see many fun weekends in our near future. Love you so much!



Last spring when I was frantically trying to find white, girly dresses for my bridal showers and wedding festivities, my mom and I came across this cotton & lace gem at Dillard's. I wasn't a huge fan initially, mainly because I was skeptical of the maxi dress in general, but after some convincing from both my mother and the sales associate, I bit the bullet. I'm so glad I did! It worked out so great for my bridal shower and also doubled as a fab swim cover up on our honeymoon in Jamaica. A year later and I still absolutely LOVE it and am so glad I have it in my closet! I dressed it up with pearls and heels for my wedding showers last year, but this spring I'm going a little more casual with it and totally embracing the boho hippie look that's everywhere right now. I know, cue every female in Austin, TX. Regardless, I paired it with some gladiator sandals, some brown leather accessories and my favorite new spring hat to create my own comfy, casual, boho springtime look. It's perfect for running errands around town in this beautiful weather!

Dress: Dillard's (this year's version here); Hat: Target; Belt: F21 (old, similar here); Purse: Michael Kors; Jewelry: F21, Lucky Brand, Nordstrom; Shoes: TJMaxx (similar here)


Monday's Must Haves: Spring Scarves

Over the last six months or so, I've gotten picked on around the office because I've managed to somehow incorporate a scarf into my wardrobe at least twice a week. When the fall months rolled around I excitedly started pulling out my appropriate attire and immediately started wrapping my favorite scarves around my neck. Maybe it was still 107 degrees in Austin, but I didn't care. Any girl knows that the fall months mean its time for boots and scarves, no matter what temperature it may be outside. Or if you went to my high school, fall meant it was time for football, and, more importantly, time to bust out the maroon letterman jackets and try and pretend you're not wildly uncomfortable and profusely sweating underneath. Anyway...minor detour with the high school memories. In the winter, I'm all about the big wool warmers to throw on over my cardigans and sweaters, but for the fall and spring months, it's all about the lightweight sheer pieces. I am such a huge fan of scarves and fully believe that they're 100% acceptable and comfortable to wear between the months of September and May. While the garment was originally created and worn as a buffer from the cold wind and snow during the winter, it's transitioned into more of an accessory and decorative item for the warmer months. This spring, lightweight scarves are everywhere and there truly is not an easier accessory to top off your favorite looks. It's a go-to for me when I'm running errands and need a quick freshen up. Throw them on with a simple cotton tee or tank, a straw fedora, some cut off denim shorts and gladiator sandals and you have yourself a cute little look for the day! They can also serve as a pop of color or print to an otherwise simple and plain outfit. Spring scarves are lightweight and sheer, but chunky enough to give you that cozy, comfy look you're hoping for. I'm loving the way they look and wearing them as often as possible while the weather is mild and comfortable! (Refer to my last post for a fun styling option.) If you're looking for celebrity inspiration, stars like Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff and Nicole Richie have all been spotted rocking the trend lately. Here are some great spring scarves that you can find and add to your collection this spring! Definitely a must have and you'll love the easy outfits they create!


Animal Printed

As I've mentioned an embarrassing amount of times before, I sort of have a thing for animal prints. I think they're fun and bold and they can always bring a little bit of an sass to any outfit. Years ago I had this amazing Italian Leather purse that was covered in zebra hair and I truly thought it was the cutest thing I'd ever seen. Looking back I'm thinking that maybe it was a little tacky, but hey, it was my first designer bag and I was so proud of that thing. Several years later, when I got my first car, I was given a great set of seat covers to spice up the interiors a little bit. Yes, you guessed it, they were zebra print. I don't know what it is about zebra, but it seems every girl goes through that phase. The zebra printed seat covers lasted about 2 days before I spilled pink lemonade all over one of them and they no longer looked cool. RIP zebra seat covers. And that old Volkswagen Jetta of mine. I loved that car. Anyway - as you can see, my love for the prints has been around for years, and while I'm not carrying around a zebra hair bag or putting seat covers in my Nissan Rogue, I am still wearing bold pieces within my outfits. I love mixing and matching the prints, as well. When done correctly they make for a great combination! This is my favorite cheetah printed top and my favorite pair of python wedges for spring that I dressed down with a comfy pair of boyfriend jeans. On that note, I know they're made to fit like your boyfriend's jeans, hence the name, but I've always thought it funny that they call them "boyfriend" jeans. I'm pretty sure that because of their baggy fit and slouchiness, they might be my boyfriend's (husband's) least favorite pair of jeans I own. But that's neither here nor there. Oh, and if you're wondering where my zebra print is since I blabbed about that particular love for so long earlier, don't fret. My scarf actually has full zebras all over it. Yes, you heard me. It's not just the print, it has the full fledged animals all over it. It's like a dream.

What I'm Wearing: Top: J.Crew; Scarf: Luxe Apothetique in The Domain (Austin, TX); Pants: Gap; Belt: Banana Republic: Bag: Old Navy; Sunglasses: Nordstrom; Jewelry: Michael Kors, J.Crew, Nordstrom, Lucky Brand, Francesca's Collection, Target; Nails: OPI "Rumples Wiggin"


And the Winner is...

Thank you to all of you who entered the J.Crew Bracelet Giveaway! I'm so happy to be giving back to all of you who have shown me so much love and support! The J.Crew bracelet is one of my absolute favorite pieces I own, so I'm sure you will love yours equally as much! It's a small way for me to say thanks :) I loved reading all of your favorite trends for the spring and enjoyed seeing the entries roll in each day! I agree with each and every one of you! You're all just so fab. I wish I could give something to each of you, but unfortunately I can't this time around. So, I randomly chose one lovely darling's entry. Alright, down to business. Drum roll please.......the winner of the first OCW giveaway is.......

Yaaaaay Neely! Woohooo! So excited for you! I'll be emailing you about where to send your adorable new arm candy! Thank you all so much for your submissions and don't worry - there will be another giveaway coming soon! Thanks again for all of your love and support!


The Wear-To-Work 10x10

As the end of the school semester approaches, many are taking their first steps out into the real world - graduating from college and beginning their first full-time job. Unfortunately for most females, that means retiring the dreaded daily attire of Nike shorts, over-sized sorority tees and ugg boots for something a little more mature and well, attractive. Others of us have been apart of the real world for some time now and know that in the corporate world, it can prove a daunting task trying to figure out what to wear each day without looking like we're leaving a funeral. The words "business professional" or "business casual" can sometimes put a real damper on our dreams of hitting our favorite stores in search for some new pieces for that first job. Hey, we all need a good excuse to shop a little, right? However, there are ways to abide by the office dress code and still remain trendy and fashionable at the same time. Shocking, I know. So, on that note, I went through my closet and my go-to outfits for work and did some thinking. With that, I put together a 10x10 challenge. I found 10 items in my closet that I could wear to work and created ten different outfits with just those pieces. The results? Two weeks worth of cute, fashionable, appropriate work attire! Not only that, but these are pieces that I can mix and match with other items in my closet and wear outside of the office! There's no reason to splurge on pieces that you'll only wear now and then from 8 to 5..it's time to be resourceful, ladies! So, here are the 10 crucial items I put together (and luckily already had) in my closet. The great thing about these pieces is that most of us will have at least a few of them, so we don't have to spend a ton of money!

What You'll Need:

1. Colorful Pencil Skirt
2. Cropped Dress Pants
3. Neutral-Colored Cardigan Sweater
4. Button-Down Top
5. Dress Pants
6. Belt
7. Your Favorite, Modest Dress (let's hope you own at least one!)
8. Blazer
9. Girly, Lightweight Top
10. The Cliche Simple Sheath Dress

Here's how I styled my 10 pieces:

What I'm Wearing: Navy Pants: Gap; Pink Top: Banana Republic; Blazer: Gap; Skirt: J.Crew; Sheath Dress: LOFT; White Shirt: Gap; Grey Cardigan: Banana Repubic; Belt: Lucky Brand; Black Cropped Pants: J.Crew; Floral Dress: Chrome (Lubbock, TX); Black Shoes: Vince Camuto; Nude Booties: Nine West

As you can see, I took the 10 items I mentioned and mixed and matched them to create 10 very different looks. Yes, I incorporated some spring trends with the neon colors and floral cotton dress :) Each look is work appropriate and can be taken from day to night very easily for those post-office happy hours! By mixing your different tops with your different bottoms and adding the occasional belt, cardigan or blazer as an accessory, you can have multiple outfits and styles to support whatever look you're going for! So, whether you're starting that first job post-college or just looking for a way to re-vamp your current office attire, I challenge you to the 10x10! Grab the items I mentioned and play around until you find 10 outfits that you're comfortable in and proud of! You're sure to be a total knockout at the office!



Date Night

I'm loving flowy tops with high waisted, short girly skirts. Something about it just feels so feminine and fresh! When you pair it with a comfy wedge it creates an effortless, classic look that's perfect for happy hour with the girls or date night with your man. Grab a fun floral print or a bright color to create a springy on-trend look! What could be more fun to wear as the warm weather sets in?

Top: Gap; Skirt: Old Navy (old, similar here); Belt: J.Crew (another similar); Shoes: DSW (obsessed with these); Jewelry: Stella&Dot, Target, Nordstrom, J.Crew, Michael Kors, Waxing Poetic; Clutch: Coach (old, newest version here)



It's a Giveaway!

Alright, I have something to tell you guys. Brace yourselves, because we're doing something a little different around here today. I've had an overwhelming amount of support and love from so many of you and it just means so much to me! Really, I just can't thank you all enough for all of your sweet comments. So, to show you just how eternally grateful I am, I wanted to do a little something for all of you in return. You might remember me mentioning how much I love bracelets in this post, or maybe this one, or maybe every other post I have...whatever...my point is, I think you all know by now how much I love me some arm candy. So I wanted to share a little bit of love with you guys by doing a BRACELET GIVEAWAY! Yaaaay! I picked a favorite of mine. This J.Crew bracelet is just SO stinkin' adorable and I'm so in love with it that I'm probably going to have a hard time parting with it. But get excited, because it's going to belong to one of you very soon! I own it in a different color combination, but this chunky, metalblack & white linked beauty is brand new and looks so cute either by itself or layered with some other jewels! I'm so happy to be sharing my love of this accessory with you!

Here's how you can enter to win this J.Crew charmer:

1. Become an official "follower" of Orange Chair Wardrobe.
2. "Like" OCW on Facebook.
3. Leave me a comment on the Facebook page with your E-mail address and tell me what your favorite spring trend is!

The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Tuesday, April 17, so don't miss your chance to add to your jewelry collection and win this super chic bracelet! You're going to LOVE it! Can't wait to hear from all of you!


Lemon, Plum & Orange

Top: Francesca's (similar here); Purple skinnies: Citizens of Humanity; Bag: Aldo (old, dying for this similar one); Shoes: Steve Madden (old, love this pair); Necklace: Francesca's (old, similar here); Watch: Michael Kors; Bracelet: Lucky Brand


Monday's Must Haves: Neon Accessories

There's nothing more fun to wear than a show-stopping accessory or statement piece. That great necklace or bag that serves as a fantastic conversation starter and attention stealer is the ultimate companion this spring. We've seen the neon trend come flying in this season, making a huge impact on the fashion world, and there's really not a better way to wear it than in fun pops within your everyday looks. Combining neon accessories within your outfit is a great way to work the trend in a subtle way if you're afraid of the bright hues being too overwhelming. Replace your usual black or brown bag with a bright color to amp up your springtime attire! Stack some neon, bold bangles on your wrists for a great pop of color at work! Rock a bright shoe with your go-to LBD for a fun night out. I mean, there's so many ways to wear the trend within your accessories - options are endless! I really can't stop swooning over all things neon. An added bonus (at least for me): the bright colors up against your skin will make you look bronzed and beautiful! Here are some great neon pops for you to add to your wardrobe this spring:


Spring Time Fresh

I'm loving florals and pastels this season! They're so springy and clean looking, you really just can't go wrong. Fresh florals and light colors scream warm weather and sunshine to me, and what else could be better? I'm so glad to finally be able to pull these items out of my closet now that spring has officially arrived in Austin!

Top: H&M (old, pretty option here); Jacket: F21 (old, similar here); Belt: Target (old, similar here); Shorts: TJmaxx (similar here); Wedges: Steve Madden (another pair here); Bag: Michael Kors; Necklace: Francesca's, Calli's Boutique (San Marcos, TX); Watch: Michael Kors (white/rose gold limited edition - another version here)