Remember when you went off to college and this "skinny jean" thing came out and you were like whaaaa?? How unflattering! I would never! Flares all the way! Give me my Abercrombie jeans! Then you suddenly found yourself wearing skinnies all day errrrday and then 10 years later you swear you'd never go back. Is that just me? Well, flares are back. That's right. Hello again, 2005. Actually, it's more like, hello again 1973. Fashion is cyclical, y'all. 

So I've been eyeballing the style but not totally sure if I could commit back to it, but when I found a certain pair at Express, I couldn't resist. It's hard for a taller gal like me (5'7) and anyone taller to find a flared style that fits just right in length, and these do just that. The flare also does a great job of balancing out the hip and thigh so they're ultra flattering! I'm more into the mid/high rise style because it's definitely more committal to that retro vibe, but the hem lines are totally up to you and your taste! Distressed, fringed, dark wash, high rise, low rise....options are endless!

My tip is that you wear them only with boots or heels, and find a pair that can cover up your shoe for that super 70s vibe. 

In honor of Cyber Monday, I've rounded up a few great styles that are on sale today, including this fab pair (pictured below) that I recently got from Express. 

Here are a few more great finds today:

Bloomingdale's (At least 25% off!)

Nordstrom (Up to 40% off!)

Shopbop (10% off or more!)

Gap (take 40% off!)


H&M (At least 20% off!)


This sweater.

You know when you're all like ahhh it's cold outside and I have this thing to go to and I want to look cute but like be comfy and be warm but too hot because I don't want to be uncomfortable inside and I don't want to look bulky or frumpy but like maybe I've gained a few pounds and I'd like to disguise those trouble areas and I think I want to wear leggings, not jeans, but it's hard to find a shirt long enough to cover my backside.. blah blah blah. Yes you have to run all of those thoughts together because let's be honest, that's about what it sounds like in your head when you're standing in your closet trying to decide what to put on. #storyofmylife

This is your new sweater to solve those problems. Your new best friend, if you will. It's long enough for leggings, but thin enough to be flattering. It can be cowl neck or off the shoulder, so you can wear a regular bra or go for the strapless style. It's a great neutral color that goes with both brown and black. It's warm, but lightweight so it's comfy for both indoors and layering on the coats outside. It's the perfect one for cozy mornings with coffee or a date night out on the town! 

Oh, it's also less than $25 and comes in 3 colors. So..you know...Merry Christmas to you.

Shop it here, sister:


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Fall Uniform

I love that the 90s are coming back around in full force with all things denim. I think it adds just enough of that casual-cool vibe to any look. Dresses any outfit down just to my liking! I'm big on vests lately, and I think a go-to denim one is just the right piece to rock this trend and give you that "outfit finisher" you might be looking for! You don't have to fully commit to those sometimes (ok most times) bulky denim jackets, but you still get the look! I threw mine over a simple cotton tee and my distressed black skinnies. I added the red plaid scarf because, well, #fall. Duh.

I wore my comfy ankle boots to run errands around town, but you can easily take this into the evening hours by throwing on a pair of tall heeled boots or some chunky pumps! 

This is definitely a go-to look for this season for me!



I bought this came sweater from the Men's section at Target a couple of years ago. It's so comfy and it gives me that little bit of boyish edge to an outfit when I want it! I usually wear it with some leather skinnies and boots, but this time around, I threw it on over my Gap denim button-up and some distressed white skinnies. Anything is great over a chambray button-up, y'all! It's a great way to dress up an otherwise casual sweatshirt! This is a look that I could wear with my ankle booties during the day, then throw on some strappy heels to make it a bit sassier for a night out!


Short & Chunky

So. I've said this 8937 times before, but I love me a good mini skirt. I'm not talking hoochified, sneaky peek type mini, but you know, the I'll show my leg and not have to deal with shorts bunching up type mini. Ya feel me? Any who. I bought this skirt at Gap Outlet like a week after I had my baby last year. It's a little big now, seeing as I no longer have that extra baby weight, but I kinda like it better this way. Little more relaxed & easy. Though this skirt is definite a summer piece, I love the color it brings, and even more so, I love incorporating bright color into a season when everyone wants to gravitate towards black. (Myself included). 

The trick to rockin' a mini this time of year, is to pair it with a heavy, chunky knit and those tall boots. You can add leggings, too, if you want, but Dallas is still rollin through mild temps right now, so I didn't need the extra layer. I always tell people that the key to showing skin is to do it here or there but not everywhere. A short skirt with a heavy, conservative top. A fitted crop top with wide leg jeans or a full skirt. Low cut with high waisted. You get it.

Happy fall, y'all!



I am LOVING the fact that ponchos have made their oversized way back into our little lives this season. They give any gal an excuse to wear a glorified blanket out on the town!

This black window pane print one is from Old Navy, and it's a favorite of mine for so many reasons. It's comfy, cute & versatile! I bought mine in a size up because I liked the ultra oversized feel! My husband, not so much, butttttttttt #sorrynotsorry, honey buns. 

This outfit is quickly becoming my go-to look each week. OK, by each week I mean each day. Can you blame me!? You can wear it over a cotton tank like this look today, or you can dress it up by layering it over a chambray button-up with a tan wool skirt and some over the knee boots!

Versatility...comfort...style...ability to hide the 15 lbs I'm going to gain around my midsection in the holiday weeks ahead....check, check, check.

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