Designer Spotlight: Sam Edelman

Ever had one of those "If I only had all the money in the world..." moments? I think we all have. There's always those items or vacations or houses or cars that we see and think YES. I NEED that. In every color, actually. I probably have these moments way too often. Well, that's how I feel anytime I'm at Nordstrom or browsing online sites and see Sam Edelman's masterpieces. Seriously, I'm obsessed. The colors, prints, styles and designs of every shoe are so unique and are truly perfection. The designer has a shoe for every occasion and every style. The unexpected combinations of colors and prints are sure to make a statement in any outfit. Sam Edelman plays with girly meets sophistication meets edgy meets casual meets traditional. From the classic flats and oxfords to beachy espadrilles and studded pumps, the designer truly has it all and it's truly caused a somewhat dangerous love affair in my life. I have a hard time saying no to purchasing every pair in store. And maybe I have to wipe the drool off of my lip everytime I sit and swoon over the beauties. Here are a few of my faves right now...it really was hard to choose just a few because I kid you not, I love them all.

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