Chevron Throw

Does it look like every summer trend just threw up on me and created one combined outfit? I know, it does. Neon nails, stacked up bracelets, mint jeans, chevron print, studded bag, nude wedges, aviator sunglasses...I mean if that doesn't sound like a list of summer must-haves out of InStyle magazine then I don't know what does. It was unintentional, too. Oops. Obviously I'm not ready to let go of my summer wardrobe just yet. These poor mint jeans have been on repeat for the last few months, but, luckily they can be styled a thousand different ways so I've managed to disguise the fact that yes, I wear them once a week. You can judge me or assume that maybe I don't do laundry often, I understand. I also seriously dig chevron prints. Like, I want the zig zag lines on everything I own. So, naturally anytime I see something chevron I immediately am drawn to it. This awesome shrug/shawl/almost scarf from BCBG is the bomb.com for many reasons:

1) It's chevron printed, obviously.
2) It's nude colored, and I love nude colors. They're way chic.
3) It's also got bright AND pastel colors mixed in. 

Hellooo, do I even need to say anything else about it? Not to mention its flowy and lightweight and slouchy and all the things I love on a hot summer day. I can just throw it over a tank and some denim and it really speaks for itself. Not much else needs to be done to the outfit because it's so busy and statement-making. Love when I can find pieces like this one. It's so dang comfortable and I want to own about 5 more just like it and wear them everyday. Do you guys love chevron as much as I do? I'm talking the print and not the gas station. Do those still exist? I don't feel like I've seen a Chevron station in a long time. 
Anywho - I hope you all are having a glorious week and soaking in as much of summer as we have left! Hopefully you're exhausting your warm weather outfits as much as I am before we retire them for our Fall wardrobes! Oh, and stay tuned over the next couple of weeks because I'm seeing a jewelry giveaway on the horizon!  

*Sidenote: I recently have purchased two adorable pairs of shoes from F21, neither of which are on their website. The wedges I'm wearing for this outfit is one of the pairs I got at an ultra affordable price (hello, it IS Forever 21) and I got another pair of leopard loafers basically for free. So, my point is, check out your local F21 because they've got some great in-store options right now!

Shop my look: Shawl: BCBG via Dillard's (on major sale right now!); Tank: Francesca's Collections; Denim: Zara; Shoes: F21; Bag: Benjamin's (Corpus Christi, TX); Watch: Michael Kors; Earrings; Chloe + Isabel; Necklace: Chloe + Isabel; Bracelets: Chloe + Isabel - 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 

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