Guys. I apologize. I've been gone for like, ever it seems. Ok, so maybe it's been a solid week, but it seems like ages. My husband just started teaching and coaching high school football in a town about 45 minutes outside of Austin, so he has long days and late practices on top of a tedious commute! So there hasn't been a lot of spare time to grab for outfit posts. Yes, if you were wondering, my husband is my handy photographer. I'll get back in the swing of things soon, don't you worry. I'll figure out a way to make it work! I have to, considering he's got football practice every weeknight until late and games every weekend! I can't rely on him to snag some pics anymore. So sad. Anywho. Here's a little sneak peek into my life lately via Instagram. An update on the exciting times in Blaine's world, if you will. Ok not really.

Hope everyone's having a dazzling week. It's almost the weekend again, yippee! I love when these things roll around. Happy Thursday, girlfriends.

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1) DIY beaded necklace
2) Packing for Mexico
3) Chloe + Isabel pop-up-shop with my mom
4) Peaceful sunset in Playa Del Carmen
5) Beach livin' in Mexico
6) A runway at Austin Fashion Week
7) The Rare Trends collection I helped style at AFW
8) My rushed morning life savers
9) Our styling team at Austin Fashion Week
10) I'm a minor blazer hoarder
11) Brown & Black
12) Organizing
13) Tattoo - "Peace & Be Still"
14) New Kendra Scott & Taylor Faith gems c/o AFW
15) A couple of my favorite Michael Kors & Chloe + Isabel pieces

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