A Last Minute Christmas Craft

So for the last 6 months or so, the door to our apartment has housed a lovely "house divided" themed wreath. Some Texas Tech AND Texas A&M colors and logos and a big fat foam football along with it. Now that college football season is basically over and the holidays are here (hello, two weeks y'all!) I've been wanting to make our door a little more festive. So, I hit up Hob Lob, aka my mothership, and grabbed a few knick-knacks at 50% off. I wanted a quick homemade wreath that wouldn't require a ton of supplies or prep time. 

Here's a quick look at how you too can make my easy little no-brainer Christmas door decor. 
What's it going to cost you, you ask? Less than $20. BOOM. 

First, you'll want to make yourself a big pretty bow. If you're like me then you know that bow making is really that of a talent. A very impressive talent. It's not anything like tying shoes type bows..no no. It takes practice and lots of ruined ribbon before you can really accomplish that of professional standards. Props to those sweet ladies who volunteer to gift wrap at department stores...it's no walk in the park, I tell ya. If you need some guidance, google it. There's about 8,000 "how to tie the perfect ribbon bow" videos out there on YouTube. Yes...I watched one. Four times.

Or, perhaps you're like my mother, and with a few quick whips and flips of the hand you've got this stunning, plush bow that sunlight gleams down upon and it makes all those professional gift wrappers pee their panties a little. If that's you then bravo. You're one of the few.

Here's my janky little JV version of a bow. It will have to work for now.

Next, grab that hot glue gun and start pasting away. You'll want to heavily glue your sprigs onto your wreath because they're a little heavy and there's not a ton of surface space for adhesion.

Match one side to the other and glue one on each side of the lower portions of the wreath frame. Be sure to be patient with the hot glue and give it plenty of time to set and harden.

Next, place your big fancy bow that you've now spent hours trying to master via YouTube (sorry), and glue that bat boy right in the middle of your two sprigs. Again, be sure to use lots of glue and give it time to cool and settle.

Here's what your finish product will look like:

Voila! I mean...it's nothing fancy you guys. I'm not claiming to be Martha Stewart here. Or my mom. But hey, it's easy and quick and festive and all of the things I love about Christmas decor.

Now, on to watch more ribbon bow tutorials...

Merry almost Christmas!

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