What I Wore: Bundled Up

 Didn't you hear? North Texas got some winter weather, you guys. We had four days straight of solid ice, not snow, which is 10 times more annoying and about 5,000 times more dangerous. It looks all wintery and pretty until you get out in it and you realize your car is glued shut under three inches of solid ice, and your trip out to your car was so slippery you have a minor breakdown and feel the urge to sit down and scoot your way back to your front door.

It was seriously cold around these parts too. Obviously. It's been a week and there's still massive patches of frozen disgustingness laying on roads and yards and rooftops. 

When our cabin fever became too much to handle, husband and I bundled up in 18 layers each and slowly ventured down the road to a little hole-in-the-wall Mexican food joint in our neighborhood.

Here are few pics we snapped before it got dark that night. I LOVE oversized cozy sweaters, leather leggings and fur trimmed things during the cold weather months, so I saw it as a good opportunity to do a little outfit post. I'm so thankful that I made this coat purchase because it has been SUCH a lifesaver in recent days! 

I haven't owned a puffer jacket since my freshman year of college. It was white and a cute little cropped number from A&F. Worked wonders during the cold months out in West Texas (before I joined the bandwagon and got a North Face fleece), until one day it was super icy and I was rushing to my English class and I stepped on some ice and BAM! Hit the ground. My little ZTA mug full of hot chocolate covered my white jacket. It was done for. Ruined. As was my morale and ego in that very moment. Falling on your face...LITERALLY on your face...isn't exactly the "cool" thing to do when you're a freshman on a college campus trying to blend in. The entire world stopped and stared. I was mortified. And for some reason, in a moment like that, all you really want is a friend there to burst out laughing and take your mind off of how much pain both your face and your pride are in. But I had no good friend with me. Just a bunch of people rushing to my aid asking me if I needed an ambulance. I'm tellin' y'all...this fall was one for the books...still haunts me.

Anywho. Lucky for me, I didn't bite it onto the ice this past weekend. Small victories.
All that being said, this jacket is the bomb diggity and totally worth every penny. It's from JCPenney and comes in four colors and is warm, cute and as flattering as a puffer jacket can be!


Jacket: JCPenney; Sweater: GAP (last year, similar here); Leggings: ASOS; Boots: Dolce Vita; Faux fur scarf: Target; 
Gold rings: H&M

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