Currently Obsessed: Oversized Scarves

I don't know what it is, but I am all about the scarf, you guys. I'm like Hilary Duff. (I read somewhere that she doesn't leave the house without one on...I don't know.) It's the ultimate accessory that takes any outfit to the next level. Down here in Tejas there's like, 3 days a year where scarves are actually functional. The other days they just serve as the best outfit bringer-together evvva. Not only do I love a cute number draped around my neck, but I love even more when it's big and cozy and I can kind of hide my face in it. I wear caps when I don't wash my hair and chunky scarves when I don't wear my makeup. Ok not always...but ok sometimes. Maybe. Just the hat thing. Big scarves are for the days where I don't want to try TOO hard and maybe jewelry just isn't sounding like something I want to deal with...so I just throw a scarf on. It's like a "She didn't really care what she looked like today," type look, but then it's like a "Aw but she tried a little because she threw that cute scarf on.." Anyway. Scarves are the bomb diggity for a quick wardrobe pick-me-up. They also make for some fab gifts for your girlfriends.

Shop some of my favorites here:


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