Some Changes

Surprise! So maybe it’s been a good minute since I last posted. But this life of mine has been preeeeetty busy lately. With a husband who works long hours during the months of August – November, I’m kind of out of a photographer to capture my outfits each time I like them enough to want them captured. By the time his season is over, the sun is setting at like, 5:30, and the daylight just isn’t available long enough for any type of photo sesh. Shucks. The life of a football coach’s wife, I tell ya. On top of that, maybe our camera was in the shop for a few weeks recently because it got a little shaken up on our trip to San Francisco a few months ago. It camped out in my backpack and endured lots of bike riding, walking, etc, and maybe sometimes I forgot that it was in there when I plopped my bag on the ground here and there. Not saying that’s what caused the malfunction, but there’s a good chance that it did. My husband made me solemnly swear that I would take good care of the camera when we purchased it earlier this year, but let’s be honest here. I’m not good with breakable items. I’m on my fifth iPhone in six years. I never lose anything, but you can bet I’ll break a few.
So, aside from all that mumbo jumbo, I’ve been doing some soul searching and meditating (OK that’s dramatic) but I HAVE been thinking about things recently and while I’ve LOVED the opportunities that this fashion blog has brought me over the last couple of years, I think it’s time for a fresh face and a new direction. There are so many things that I enjoy doing and while fashion has been a love of mine for a long time, this creative outlet has encouraged me to pursue and express my other passions. Art, design, photography, crafts…really anything of that nature. So moving forward, this site will no longer be me posting pictures of my outfits and shopping ideas, it will also include other aspects of my life. It’ll be more of a lifestyle blog and much more of an outlet for me to express and share all different parts of my life. With recent news of our upcoming addition to our family (helllllo June 11th!), I also want a place for our families to come to find pictures and stories of our journey through this pregnancy and into parenthood.  
So, I hope you’ll continue following along in this new journey and direction I’m taking – and don’t worry! The fashion will go nowhere! I’m still going to keep that part of this blog strong, but you can definitely expect some other random, probably sometimes pointless entries about life, love, family, food, crafts, design, photography, my unhealthy obsession with Justin Timberlake and my dog, Parker….I mean anything goes, guys.
Also, maybe you’ve noticed the name has changed. The new direction just called for a name change, which is why this bad boy is now ‘Champagne and Sneakers”. A little bit of the fun, fancy things in life, and a little bit of the down-home, laid-back important things. Ain’t nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of champagne in your old sneaks, y’all. It’s probably what I’ll be doing in about 6 months or so.

So, come fly with me...come fly, let's fly awayyyyyyyyy...

I just heard Michael Buble belt that and it felt relevant for some reason. It isn't really, though. Hope you guys continue to follow along and enjoy the changes! Thank you for your continual support and kind words - it means more than you know!

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