Topshop Perfection

Y'all. To say that I am obsessed with Topshop's current collection is the understatement of the century. At a current trend download meeting I was in at work on Monday, we had several of Topshop's latest pieces in to review. 

I. DIED. I couldn't even focus on the meeting because all I wanted to do was run over and steal these items and take off down the hall. They're perfection beyond perfection.

This red shift dress is literally the most gorg simple little dress you've ever seen. It's a rich, bold gorgeous color, yet it's somehow so understated. It's got a semi-loose, body-skimming fit. SO fab for Fall. Just throw on a pair of heels or chunky bootie with it and a great statement necklace and you've got yourself a todiefor look for any occasion. 

And THIS JACKET!?!? I mean.....I can't even...

And these heels. Every gal needs a pair like this in her closet. 

You guys. Topshop is what dreams are made of this season.

Topshop Perfection



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