Spring Cleaning

In lieu of daylight savings time sneaking up on us this weekend and my husband and I moving into our first home (helloo, home owners!) I decided to take some time to organize my life. OK, so maybe just my closet. It was a mess and overcrowded and it was long past due for some cleaning! Clutter just stresses me out. So, I sat down, turned on my "cleaning house" playlist on my iPad (yes, I have a cleaning playlist..I'm embarassed) grabbed a few trashbags and some storage bins and got started. As I was doing my cleaning, I found myself asking a few questions. Does it still fit well? Is this currently in season? Is this an item that I can afford to toss? Is it time to update this piece?

Here are some items you'll definitely want to stow away until next fall/winter rolls around:

  • Heavy Peacoats or Sweaters
  • Black Sequined items
  • Knee-high Heavy Boots
  • Faux Fur
  • Thick Scarves
  • Turtlenecks
  • Anything Velvet, Suede or Corduroy

I couldn't be more excited to pull my spring essentials to the front of my wardrobe! Hooray for finally saying goodbye to those dull, cold and bland winter months and welcome the spring freshness into our lives! Bring out those spring scents, fresh makeup and fun accessories! Here's a sneak peek into my spring closet - it now looks extremely colorful and inviting - I love it!

Some items you'll DEFINITELY want to keep around and have ready for this season:

  • Neons
  • Pastels
  • Floral Prints
  • Bold Patterns
  • Linen & Lace
  • Lightweight Scarves
  • Mini and/or flowy Skirts and Dresses
  • Strappy Sandals

Top left: Short-Sleeved Tops; Right: Dresses; Bottom left: Scarves; Right: Button-Down Tops

Top Left: Skirts; Right: Vests; Bottom Left: DVF Wrap Dress; Right: Linen&Lace Dresses

Top Left: Shoes; Right: Bags/Hats; Bottom Left: Chanel Makeup Collection; Right: Perfume Bottles

I also had the opportunity to pull out some items that I no longer wear for various reasons and put them in large bags to drop off at a local donation station. I tell you what, someone's going to have some great new goodies soon! I love spring cleaning every year, I find it so liberating. Whether I'm just getting organized or going through things I'm going to get rid of, it's always great to start fresh. Have you started your spring cleaning yet?

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