I Dream Of: YSL

Girls. We all know that a good cocktail ring can really make an outfit. If you didn't know that, well, now you do. There's nothing that makes us look more feminine and complete than a great big gem on your ladylike hands. Now, that being said, rings can be overbearing - so try and stick to just one. If you must, one on each hand. Don't go overboard! Avoid stacking them on every single finger..unless you're Phoebe on the sitcom Friends. Then you can wear as many rings as you like. I've got my share of cocktail rings that I wear from time to time, although, by the end of the night they've left a green circle around my finger and the metal color on the ring has gone from silver to an off-shade of bronze. Got to love cheap costume jewelry. After looking through my collection of jewels and skimming through issues of InStyle magazine on a recent flight to Chicago, I decided that I am in dire need want of a good, solid, glamourous, statement-making piece of fine jewelry. So, this brings me to my current obsession and designer dream - Yves Saint Laurent's cocktail rings. Don't get me wrong, YSL makes all things fabulous, but come on, there's nothing else like their rings. Yes, they're a splurge, but they're so fun and art deco and modern and unique and I could go on and on..these babies are to die for! The gold with the colored stones? I'm in jewelry love. Check out a few of my faves - you'll love them too, I'm sure.

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