I Dream Of: Chain Link Bracelets

I don't know what it is, but there's something that's so chic about chain link jewelry. I don't know if it's the unexpected use of the metal, or the chunky, bulky statements it tends to make. Regardless, I find myself gravitating towards these bracelets at all turns. I love the way they look layered with a big watch and some bangles, or just by themselves for a simple, clean look. Now, I have bracelets galore, all sorts of them, but the detail that the chain link seems to add to the usual set of wrist jewels just surpasses all other bangles. Whether they're simple metals or detailed with color and stones, the chain link bracelet is just genius! Check out these charmers I've found - they're some of my favorites and I just can't get enough! I want all of them! What do you guys think? Do you like the edginess and unexpected pop that a chain link provides?

First Row: Left: Michael Kors; Right: Michael Kors
Second Row: Left: J.Crew; Right: Marc Jacobs
Third Row: Left: J.Crew; Right: Michael Kors
Fourth Row: Left: J.Crew; Right: J.Crew

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