I am LOVING the fact that ponchos have made their oversized way back into our little lives this season. They give any gal an excuse to wear a glorified blanket out on the town!

This black window pane print one is from Old Navy, and it's a favorite of mine for so many reasons. It's comfy, cute & versatile! I bought mine in a size up because I liked the ultra oversized feel! My husband, not so much, butttttttttt #sorrynotsorry, honey buns. 

This outfit is quickly becoming my go-to look each week. OK, by each week I mean each day. Can you blame me!? You can wear it over a cotton tank like this look today, or you can dress it up by layering it over a chambray button-up with a tan wool skirt and some over the knee boots!

Versatility...comfort...style...ability to hide the 15 lbs I'm going to gain around my midsection in the holiday weeks ahead....check, check, check.

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