This sweater.

You know when you're all like ahhh it's cold outside and I have this thing to go to and I want to look cute but like be comfy and be warm but too hot because I don't want to be uncomfortable inside and I don't want to look bulky or frumpy but like maybe I've gained a few pounds and I'd like to disguise those trouble areas and I think I want to wear leggings, not jeans, but it's hard to find a shirt long enough to cover my backside.. blah blah blah. Yes you have to run all of those thoughts together because let's be honest, that's about what it sounds like in your head when you're standing in your closet trying to decide what to put on. #storyofmylife

This is your new sweater to solve those problems. Your new best friend, if you will. It's long enough for leggings, but thin enough to be flattering. It can be cowl neck or off the shoulder, so you can wear a regular bra or go for the strapless style. It's a great neutral color that goes with both brown and black. It's warm, but lightweight so it's comfy for both indoors and layering on the coats outside. It's the perfect one for cozy mornings with coffee or a date night out on the town! 

Oh, it's also less than $25 and comes in 3 colors. So..you know...Merry Christmas to you.

Shop it here, sister:


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