Short & Chunky

So. I've said this 8937 times before, but I love me a good mini skirt. I'm not talking hoochified, sneaky peek type mini, but you know, the I'll show my leg and not have to deal with shorts bunching up type mini. Ya feel me? Any who. I bought this skirt at Gap Outlet like a week after I had my baby last year. It's a little big now, seeing as I no longer have that extra baby weight, but I kinda like it better this way. Little more relaxed & easy. Though this skirt is definite a summer piece, I love the color it brings, and even more so, I love incorporating bright color into a season when everyone wants to gravitate towards black. (Myself included). 

The trick to rockin' a mini this time of year, is to pair it with a heavy, chunky knit and those tall boots. You can add leggings, too, if you want, but Dallas is still rollin through mild temps right now, so I didn't need the extra layer. I always tell people that the key to showing skin is to do it here or there but not everywhere. A short skirt with a heavy, conservative top. A fitted crop top with wide leg jeans or a full skirt. Low cut with high waisted. You get it.

Happy fall, y'all!

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