Remember when you went off to college and this "skinny jean" thing came out and you were like whaaaa?? How unflattering! I would never! Flares all the way! Give me my Abercrombie jeans! Then you suddenly found yourself wearing skinnies all day errrrday and then 10 years later you swear you'd never go back. Is that just me? Well, flares are back. That's right. Hello again, 2005. Actually, it's more like, hello again 1973. Fashion is cyclical, y'all. 

So I've been eyeballing the style but not totally sure if I could commit back to it, but when I found a certain pair at Express, I couldn't resist. It's hard for a taller gal like me (5'7) and anyone taller to find a flared style that fits just right in length, and these do just that. The flare also does a great job of balancing out the hip and thigh so they're ultra flattering! I'm more into the mid/high rise style because it's definitely more committal to that retro vibe, but the hem lines are totally up to you and your taste! Distressed, fringed, dark wash, high rise, low rise....options are endless!

My tip is that you wear them only with boots or heels, and find a pair that can cover up your shoe for that super 70s vibe. 

In honor of Cyber Monday, I've rounded up a few great styles that are on sale today, including this fab pair (pictured below) that I recently got from Express. 

Here are a few more great finds today:

Bloomingdale's (At least 25% off!)

Nordstrom (Up to 40% off!)

Shopbop (10% off or more!)

Gap (take 40% off!)


H&M (At least 20% off!)

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