When Shoes Speak

You know when you find a REALLY exciting something that you just can't live without? Maybe it's one of those sweet robot vaccuum things. Maybe it's a new Nike driver that is on sale. Maybe it's one of those really cool machines that spits your dog's ball out automatically for him so you don't have to touch the slobbery thing. Maybe it's any other gadget you spot while flipping through SkyMall on your two-hour flight to Dallas. Or perhaps, in my case, maybe it's a pair of sneakers. A pair of calf hair leopard print sneakers at that. Sometimes the design stars just align so perfectly as to create something that literally speaks English (but maybe in a sultry Australian accent because that accent always wins) and says "Blaaaiiiineeee....you NEED me." Luckily for me, I heard that smoldering voice shortly before my birthday so these sneaks were a gift request that was fulfilled by my dear old ma and pa. They're great. As as are these shoes, which is why I'm sharing them with you today.

Shop these bad boys here.

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