Baby Space

You know when you get on Pinterest and you get a glimpse of something you like and then 3 hours later and 3 new boards later you've pinned 87 pins and created for yourself this imaginary life that you may never be able to live up to but can dream about since the images are forever on your Pinterest radar? That's me on your average Tuesday. And every other gal out there, for the most part. We put together our dream wedding before we're even engaged, we pull looks for our celebrity-worthy closet, we create a cookbook that, let's be honest, we'll never be housewife enough to ACTUALLY make all the recipes we've pinned into it. But knowing they're all there is peace of mind enough, right? I know I'm not the only girl unashamed to admit to her addiction, here. My name is Blaine and I have a problem.

Well, with baby on her way in the nextttt oh, 20 weeks or so, I've been day dreaming of all the little girly things I can get my hands into. All thanks to the endless amounts of images on the world wide web. And Pinterest, of course. Her sweet little nursery is the biggest task on my mind, and I've been finding inspiration out the wazoo for this little nugget's living space. I've been gathering all sorts of photos with hopes that as the time gets closer, we'll have all we need to create a precious little home for sweet girl.

Can we get an AMEN for Pinterest? A. MEN.

Hope you find this cute little nurseries as adorable and PINteresting as I did. 
See what I did there? HA. A little joke for your Wednesday. You're welcome.

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