Cold Weather Uniform

So maybe I've been living in some form of flannel + tights combo since it got cold enough to be acceptable. It's pretty pathetic, really. My husband has even started making comments. I've now started calling myself out on it before hand, too. "YES I'M WEARING THE SAME OUTFIT AGAIN FOR THE THIRD TIME THIS WEEK, GET OVER IT." Maybe I feel like if I admit it out loud then I won't feel as lazy with my wardrobe picks. Like ole Abe Lincoln always said, "If it ain't broke don't fix it, my friends." Just kidding. I don't know who said that, but it sounds like something inspirational he could have said and I like it.

On another note, we are experiencing the coldest couple of days that the country has seen in like, 20 years. I mean it's just crazy. It's creating quite a stir. I'm all sorts of ok with it though because it means that I can keep wearing my flannel and not feel bad about it.


Tee: Old Navy; Flannel: H&M; Tights: ASOS; Boots: Target; Scarf: Target; Bag: Pour La Victoire


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