Peplum Lovin'

One of my favorite silhouettes this season is the peplum. This feminine & flattering extension of fabric is so chic, whether it's on a jacket, skirt, dress or top. It sinches the waist line and creates a small flare that flatters any body type and adds just enough girly touch to any look. The peplum can be small and descrete or large and show-stealing, but either way it's a chic twist on any garment. The trend has been scattered across runways, overflowing on store shelves and draping the bods of celebrities on red carpets and frankly, I think I'm obsessed! It takes me back to the classic styles of the elegant women in the 1960s. Love love.

Here are some celebs that have rocked the trend recently:

Here are some great styles that you can find to add to your own wardrobe!

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