July Wishlist

I've had my eye on a few new items to add to my wardrobe this month. Like that's anything new, though. I ALWAYS have my eye on things I'd like to purchase for my closet. Window shopping truly is painful for me, as I tend to get my heart set on things that I know I'm not going to go home with. I'd love it if I was able to go out and buy things to my heart's desire, but let's be honest here. Not all of us have endless supplies of cash. So, until I make my big break in music (totally kidding) and knock T.Swift off the podium as the highest paid celeb under 30, I'll just dream of endless shopping sprees and stocking my walk-in closet that's as big as my house.

Anywho...here are some things I'd love to add to my closet right now.

1) A Colorful Cropped Jacket (the featured one is no longer online, but is still on sale in store at Zara and is SO amazing! Also beyond obsessed with this one and this one.)
5) High-Waisted Dyed Denim Shorts ( In love with this pair from UO!)
7) A Sequined Mini Skirt (Also love this one!)

End of Summer Wishlist

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