Wednesday Wishes - Karen Walker Sunnies

I tend to have a hard time finding sunglasses that I truly love due to the fact that my face is round and has zero structure to it. Sunglasses just tend to accentuate that fact for me. I put on a pair and try to smile and it's like..smooshed cheeks, big sunglasses, eyelashes pressed against the lenses, crease in my face disasterous. Paints a pretty picture, huh? My point exactly. Then we have the whole issue of colored frames vs. no color, cheap pairs for recreational activities vs. expensive designer..I'm just totally and completely indecisive and the sunglass hunt is really never ending for this kid. My sweet boyfriend (now husband) in college gave me my favorite pair of glasses ever and I swore by them aaaaand maybe we went to a music festival and maybe I was dancing around like an idiot and maybe they fell off my head at some point and disappeared. I was devistated. He was more mad that I made our whole group stop what they were doing and search for them under everyone's feet during his favorite song. I vividly remember him saying "Really babe, did you HAVE to lose them during THIS song!? It's my favorite!" Priorities, I tell ya. Anyway. Since then, I've been searching for another great pair and just have completely failed. I find OK pairs here and there, but nothing I'm crazy about and certainly nothing I'm going to drop any sort of money on. So, all of this blabbing, insignificant and pointless chatter has led me here. To my point. Recently I discovered and have kind of been swooning over every pair of Karen Walker's sunnies. The shapes are so classic and flattering and chic and anytime I see a pair I immediately drool a little. Gross, I know. They're just perfection and I'm obsessed with her whole line of eyewear! There's a shape for every face and all sorts of colors and styles to choose from. Totally wishful thinking for now, but a girl can dream, right? Maybe one of these days I'll have one of these fab pairs to add to my collection! Here are a few of my faves:

Each of these amazing pairs can be found here. Enjoy!

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