Fringe: Total Yay or Absolute Nay?

Alright. If you've ever been to Austin, TX, you'd know that this is a city of free spirits, nature appreciators, food enthusiasts, dog lovers and fashion experimenters. Everyone seems to love the outdoors, enjoy live music, take painting classes, shop local vintage boutiques and indulge in shady looking but oh-so-delicious food trucks. Obviously, it's my favorite city ever. I'm not sure what it is, but something about this fabulous place makes people want to let loose and let their creative juices flow. So, as you can imagine, there's room around town for some great people watching and for me, some amazing fashion inspiration. Yesterday, while stuffing our faces with snow cones downtown, a good friend of mine asked me what my thoughts were on fringe. Several of the girls around us were wearing it in various ways - on their boots, on their bags or at the bottom of their shirts. I hadn't really put much thought into this particular look before, but her question got me thinking. While it's quite a popular trend around this particular city, it's definitely a look that most females are skeptical of. In the 1970s, women couldn't get enough of the stringy style, along with the cliche baggy tops, bell-bottom jeans, and forehead headbands we immediately think of when referring to that era. Now that the bohemian style is coming back into our lives, fringe is starting to make an appearance again - and in a big way. Now, I'm a huge fan of vintage and one of my favorite things about fashion is that looks and styles cycle throughout the decades. However, I do think that there is a fine line when wearing fringe and I definitely walk the fence on the trend. It's one of those that, when worn incorrectly, looks like you've just walked out of a costume shop and are headed to a theme party. So how far is too far with fringe?

I've decided that I'm a huge fan of it, but, only in small doses. A great cross-body satchel, some brown leather sandals or even a strapless bikini top look fantastic with some fringe detail. It doesn't take much of the style for it to make a big impact on the look you're going for. It's easy to go overboard and try to wear it on too many pieces of a single outfit. I love the effortless boho style it creates and for whatever reason, it immediately puts me in summer mindset. Somewhere in the back of my mind I'm laying on a beach in a lime green bikini, with a lace cover-up, a crochet headband across my beachy, wavy hair, some enormous aviator sunnies, some strappy gladiator sandals and a great brown fringed leather bag. Anyone else have that mental image with they think of fringe? It's just got to be paired with crochet and lace patterns. And a good tan. And maybe the ocean and a strawberry daiquiri. Regardless, it's definitely a fun trend to rock and I totally give it the go-ahead! What do you guys think? Is it a little too costumey and bizarre for your tastes? Here are some fantastic fringe pieces that might help you make up your mind!

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