Way-to-Wear Series: The White Tee {At Work}

If you guys are anything like me, you find yourself hoping and wishing for a bigger closet and more options in your day-to-day wardrobe. It's nice to feel like you're changing things up and not cycling through the same outfits each week! For many of us, money is tight and we're on a strict budget, so we have to work with items we have. This week, I'm going to focus in on quite arguably THE most important wardrobe staple to have (at least in my opinion): THE WHITE TEE.

Having a go-to white tshirt is like, a lifeline. When all else fails you can throw it on for any occasion, and, with my help, I'll show you how you can style it for all occasions!

It can be tough finding that perfect white tee - the one that feels slouchy and worn but fits perfectly in all the areas you want it to. I found a great one at BCBG last month, and it was on sale. I was totally on Cloud 9. Then I decided to wear it out on New Year's Eve. Crowded bars + people dancing + me drinking cranberry drinks all night = ruined white tee. I literally laughed out loud when I looked at my shirt the next morning. What a dummy I am.

Anyway - for the first installment of this series I'll show you how you can dress up that white tee for an option at work. Who knew a white tee could be so versatile!? You're probably thinking umm..a white cotton t-shirt at work!? Yeah right. Well, my sweet friends, it can be done. And it can be done oh so perfectly.

Though many corporate offices require business professional attire, there are ways to look trendy around the workplace without feeling like an old lady. Incorporate color, accessories and pattern into your daily looks for a chance to personalize otherwise bland attire. There's no reason to not show a little bit of who you are and glam up the office a little bit!

White Tee at Work

You can pair your favorite white tee with a great pair of tailored, cropped pants. The white tee will dress down the slick pants, and vice versa. If the work place allows it, wear some colored pants. Many retailers make great options for the office in gorgeous jewel tones and shades. If not, then use the chance to wear a great statement necklace or scarf over your white tee and slacks or skirt to spruce it up a little. Fun shoes are also a a great way to make a statement!

Your casual cotton white tee can be so appropriate around the work place if you dress it up and disguise it with some fab accessories. No one will even notice your comfy staple of a top when your whole outfit is making a presence!

Here's how I'd style my white tee with items from my own closet for a day at the office!

Stay tuned for more ways to wear that tee!

What I'm Wearing: Tee: Gap; Pants: Express; Scarf: F21; Clutch: Target; Shoes: Aldo

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