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I've had so many questions lately on what I wear to work each day. I know it can be tricky trying to balance the corporate work attire/Idon'twanttolooklikeanoldfuddydutty feeling. I work in a corporate building and struggle with the same thing from time to time. Everyone tends to look like a million bucks around here, but the repeating the typical black on black combo each day is a snoozefest.

So, to give you guys a glimpse into my work attire, I decided to start Thursday's Insta-Threads to show you what I wear to work on the average weekday. Yes, these are quick iPhone snaps, bear with me. Hopefully this will help alot of you that may or may not struggle with this decision each morning have a little inspiration and ideas as to how you can dress at work each morning and not feel too much like a corporate robot! Unless you want to feel that way, then that's fine.

So here's a little bit about what I'm wearing today. It's chilly out for the first time in a few weeks, so I had to layer it up a little bit. One of my favorite skirts is a camel wool mini I got from Gap years ago, but it's definitely seasonal and is a winter item...so I like to get as many reps in of this bad boy as I can before spring rolls around! I paired it with my favorite denim button down, some pearls (because I'm a lady that's why) aaaaand then I decided to throw a fleece vest over it because it's cold outside. And I like vests. And maybe I spilled my morning smoothie on my shirt right before I walked out the door and need a quick cover-up.

An easy way to wear a mid-thigh skirt around the office is to wear some opague tights underneath so you don't feel like your legs are too revealed. And because I can walk better in prefer the ankle boot to the stiletto pump, I slipped on a chunky grey suede bootie to keep the tootsies warm.

A side note about those of you that like to wear a bold lip color now and then. Sometimes it can seem too much for the office, so if you want to rock a bold color, then keep the rest of the makeup to a minimum. Today I just did a slight cateye with my eyeliner, no eyeshadow, a swipe of mascara and then my red lips. You don't want to look like you're going to prom walking into quarterly meetings.

Tune in each Thursday for my corporate threads!

Top: H&M; Vest: Old Navy; Skirt: Gap; Tights: Hue; Boots: Target; Watch: Michael Kors; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff; Lips: NARS 'Heat Wave'

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