Holiday Style Series: At the Ranch

My family does Christmas every year out at the Evanito Camp on the King Ranch. It's been a tradition since I was teeny tiny and it's one of my favorite places to be! I grew up spending lots of time out there. I learned how to drive, hunt, fish, throw a football...all the important things in life a TX girl should know :)

I also drove a military-style Hummer through a pond, got a few ticks, bites and rashes, crashed a few four wheelers going too fast, had a massive buck T-bone & ultimately total my Volkswagen Jetta, and got married there...so it's got serious sentimental value, obvs. Anywho. During the holiday, there's usually around 25 of us piled into seven bedrooms, and, each year our family tends to grow a little, so this year a few of us got shoved into an RV camper for sleeping quarters. Let me just mention, an RV is not the place you want to be when the heater goes out and nighttime temps drop below 35 degrees. I think I woke up with frostbite one morning.

The ranch is always such a fun time of playing football, ladder golf, cards, dominoes, sitting around a fire, baking, eating, riding four-wheelers, nighttime hunting, shooting skeet, and fellowship and fun mingling with our loved ones! 

Though I always pack a few cute items, I end up living in my tights, tennis shoes, baseball cap and Columbia pullovers for the majority of the holiday. It's really a good look for me. The little kid in me that likes to play can't help it. This year I decided to be a little more adult and put on cute clothes at least once, but I couldn't stray far from my ranch roots. Leggings, a massive cable knit and some brown combat boots were about as far as I could venture away from my usual getup. I still had to be comfortable, guys. We WERE at the ranch. So, I snagged a few pics of the gorgeous camp and of my holiday ranch attire.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Sweater: Gap; Tights: Under Armour; Scarf: Gap; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff; Socks: Steve Madden; Boots: Steve Madden; Sunglasses: Ray-ban

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