Monday's Must Haves: Sneaks

I'm kind of in love with sneakers right now. I don't know if maybe it's from my excessive street style/fashion blog stalking recently or pics from girls looking fab dressed up/dressed down at NYFW last week...I don't know. It's possibly my obsession with fellow fashion blogger/stylist/cutie pie Sincerely, Jules and how seriously amazing she makes every outfit look with a pair of comfy sneaks. Whooo knows. Sneakers are coming around and are such a fun twist to the casual fall wardrobe. Don't get me wrong, I love me some slouchy tall boots too, and they're all sorts of comfortable. However, sneakers bring this I'm cool/comfy/cute/casual/trendy/confident vibe to any outfit. Now, I'm not saying let's all do the cliche "I have a fancy dress to wear to this gala but I'm going to switch it up and throw some Converse tennis with it because I don't care" move, because I think Kristen Stewart has exhausted that look on every red carpet she's walked since she was in Panic Room. However, I do think they're SO fun and so cool to wear out and about for a great street style look that isn't going to leave your feet crying out in despair. I love that sporty trends are being incorporated into our everyday wardrobe this season. What's more fun than looking cute AND being comfortable? I mean...it's a girl's dream, really. Even the girliest of girls can find ways to rock the sneaks without getting too far out of their comfort zone. They're cute with a light, flowy dress and a denim jacket, or with leggings, an oversized sweater and a chunky scarf. Options are endless! Here are some inspiration photos of the trend being done in an oh-so-fab way.

Here are some great, affordable sneaker options I've found so that you, too, can create this fab look!

Also, please please please join me in congratulating KELSEY FERGUSON as the winner of my Chloe + Isabel Giveaway! YAY KELSEY! Thanks for entering and for your great blog post advice! I'll definitely be listening and using your ideas! I'll email you with more info on how to cash in your prize! 

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