Chloe + Isabel Giveaway!

As you all know, I'm a merchandiser for the always fab jewelry line, Chloe + Isabel. This month I decided to do a little something special for all of you again and use my Chloe + Isabel roots for another jewelry giveaway! Hooorrrayyyy! Am I the only one that loves a giveaway? Surely not. Surely you're all equally as excited as I am.

 Not ONLY is this a jewelry giveaway but it's a special jewelry giveaway. Why you ask? Because instead of me giving you an item of my choice, I'm going to let you guys decide and enjoy a $50 shopping spree to spend however you choose! That's right...you read it correctly. FIFTY DOLLARS to spend at my
Chloe + Isabel boutique as you choose! I feel like the mom in all those Famous Footwear commercials that celebrates with fireworks and cheering when she presents her kid with a new pair of tennis shoes. Hopefully you know what I'm talking about.

Girls...you don't want to miss out on this opportunity, I can assure you. Everyone who is anyone wants to wear Chloe + Isabel jewels on their bod. It immediately knocks you up a few notches on the hot scale. Just kidding...sort of. Point is, the jewelry is amazing and you'll fall in love with your pieces! So jump on this chance to when a piece or two to start your obsession collection!

Visit my site HERE to browse the collection and eyeball those pieces you'll choose if you win!

Here's How To Enter:

1) "Like" OCW on Facebook.
2) Become a follower/member of OCW via Google+ (bottom left side of the blog)
3) Follow me on Twitter.

**Only those that have done all three will be eligible to win the shopping spree**

For BONUS entries:

1) Leave me a comment on the OCW Facebook page with ideas or suggestions that you'd like to see featured on the blog! I always love to hear from you and I love your input!

The giveaway will be open until Friday, Sept 14 at 5 pm. The winner will be randomly chosen and contacted the following day! Good luck to all of you! Hope you enjoy!!

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