Fall Beauty Sussies

Just a few little knick knack beauty items I've picked up for the Fall season. All my life my mom has called little purchases like these as "sussies", so I've adapted the term. Here are some fun fall beauty sussies. 

However, please do not confuse this term with the word "hussy". I did not pick up some hussies for the fall season. That would make this an entirely different kind of post.

Just a few of my favorite new beauty products I thought I'd share with you cats so you can enjoy them for yourselves, as well. 

6) Black & Gold Art Deco Earrings from Touch of Sass (Austin, TX)

On an unrelated note, don't pretend like you don't want these shoes.
That's all.
 Happy last Saturday in September!

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  1. "That would make this an entirely different kind of post." And come on, an entirely different kind of blog :P

    Love VIP Status, just bought it.