Austin Fashion Week Recap

Last month I had an amazing opportunity to get to work backstage at Austin Fashion Week. Though Austin isn't a city you'd think of when the term "fashion week" comes to mind, we still have what it takes down here in 'ole central Tejas. The week featured runway shows and looks from all sorts of local talent, which brings me to reason #234,098,234 as to why I love this city. The abundance of creative, artsy, right-brained, unique and not to mention fashion-minded folks around here just continues to blow my mind.

I assisted an amazing local stylist, Edie Henry, with three shows for the week. All three, of course, were Austin-based designers, each with a unique style and aesthetic among their collections. The kickoff event for the week was a red carpet collaboration event between AFW, Ferrari and Circuit of the Americas. (Because you're probably wondering: COTA is a Formula 1 US Grand Prix track that is coming to Austin in November.) European racing in Austin, TX, you might ask? I know. I think everyone questioned it a little in the beginning, too. It's going to bring some serious traffic and cash to the area though, so it's going to be a nice little business venture for the city. And on a totally unrelated note but I have to mention because it makes me little-kid giddy...COTA is having a kick-off music festival during their opening weekend in November. Nelly (yes, THE rapper Nelly) is going to be performing. I meannnn...if that's not reason enough to attend the event and be on board with the COTA track then I don't know what is. I vote yes.

The event was spectacular and such an amazing experience. It was about as Hollywood as we get down here in ATX, so it was glamorous, sultry and of course, full of gorgeous fashion! I loved every minute. I love styling and I loved the rushed, hustle and bustle backstage environment. So fun.

I've compiled a little photo diary for all of you. So prepare yourself for picture overload. I couldn't pick just a few to feature so I pretty much chose them all. Sorry I'm not sorry.

The kickoff event featured several designers, and I had the pleasure of assisting Edie in styling the looks for local designer Ross Bennett. Ross designed and unveiled the oh-so-fab outfits that will be worn by the COTA girls at the track. I loved the tailored mix of classic, girly pleats, boho fringe and naturally, Texas flair, that his adorable designs entailed. Ross and his team did a stunning job with these looks and the girls at the COTA track are going to look so killer.

Here are some pics from us prepping backstage and the runway show. Check these final looks out. Go ahead and drool, it's ok. We all did, trust me. A++ job from Ross and his team! I. was. obsessed.

All photos courtesy of the talented Jared Tennant & Steve Wampler.
Click the links to visit their sites and view more of their amazing work!

We also styled the beyond stunning Fall 2012 collection from Linda Asaf. Her looks were so major and gorgeous and immediately had all of us swooning. Her use of color, fabric and intricate details just made for an immaculate presentation! If you're ever in Austin, check out her designs. There's nothing that you won't want to immediately have hanging in your closet! To accessorize the looks we had another beyond gorgeous collection from Adorn By Samouce, and hooolllly jewelry. Guys, I was literally drooling over these pieces. I wanted every single one. Can't even express to you all how stunning these gems are. The combination of Linda's designs and the Adorn By Samouce jewels created a to-die-for look. 

(My absolute favorite pieces from Adorn By Samouce!)

Photos courtesy of Jared Tennant
....and my iPhone.

The last weekend of AFW we worked with local designers and sisters, Rare Trends. These women have such a keen eye for art and design and their collection was one of the most unique and stunning of the week! Their motto is "Women should wear art" and that's exactly what their collection represents. Pieces that are full of life, expression with a touch of sass and edginess. I LOVED. I mean, LOVED every single look. I want them all on my body like, now. Check out their fashionable art below and tell me you're not immediately obsessed. I hope I get the chance to work with these ladies again soon! I may have to make a visit to their showroom and drool a little more..:)

Photos by Jared Tennant

It was such an amazing week and I was in fashion heaven working backstage with such talented designers, models and stylists. Can't wait for next year!

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