Vacation Essentials: The Tote

Vacation season is among us, girlfriends. Hooray! July is a crazy month for most people and tends to be THE month for traveling, family time and parties. I know for me, it can be stressful trying to figure out what to throw in our suitcases and pack for that week-long getaway. You want to keep it as minimal as possible for traveling purposes, yet you don't want to forget those essentials that every girl just has to have for the perfect vacay. Right? I'm the queen of overpacking and thinking too far into it. It's a gift, really. My husband applauds me when I can fit everything into one bag when we go visit our parents for the weekend. It miiiight be a slight problem. With my upcoming trip to Cancun, I've been slowly but surely figuring out what I need and what I'll just have to leave at home. Since you basically have to give away your left kidney in order to check a bag or two at the airport these days, everything I travel with must be carried on with me. I know that we'll be walking from our condo to the beach each day we're in Mexico, so I'll definitely need some sort of tote to hold all the necessities. So, I've kept my eyeballs peeled for the perfect beach tote. One that's big enough to fit all the essentials, yet comfortable enough to double as a beach bag and carry-on for the flight. Carry-on problems solved! Use a fab tote as a second carry-on item, and you can throw your purse in there, magazines and any other items you might not be able to fit into your suitcase. And then once you're on the beach, it's perfect for your towel, sunblock, hat, glasses, snacks...whatever it is you need! The perfect beach tote is a must have for those vacations this summer! I found these gems and kind of fell in love. Definitely wishing I could have all of them for different occasions (and for my many vacations this summer....not.). How adorable are they!? Fun, festive, trendy and the ultimate essential item for your vacays this summer!

Beach Totes

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