Color, Cardigans & Simple Gold

My other half and I decided to go on a last minute date last night to go see Snow White and the Huntsman. I give it a 5...maybe a 6. Kristen Stewart is dull and awkward, Charlize Theron is stunning and Chris Hemsworth is one seriously burly, Australian hunk of hotness. He might be what the angels in Heaven look like. But, all of these things we all already knew, and obviously I'm no movie critic. Nor do any of you care what I have to say about that film. So, moving on...Anyway, seeing as movie theaters insist on having sub-zero temps and I get cold easily, I tend to dress accordingly so I'm not miserable and shivering the whole time. Considering it's already a steamy sauna down here in Austin, it's hard to make yourself dress for a cold theater when the weather feels like it does this time of year. So, this brings me to my favorite wardrobe piece, the good 'ole cardigan sweater. It's light, it's comfy, it's versatile, it can be worn year-round..it's kind of perfect. And, I'm kind of convinced that any casual or dressy outfit can be made with a button-up AND a cardigan. It's fun to mix and match patters and colors and prints and it's an easy way to create some layered dimension. The combo was kind of an answer to my prayers because my button-down is lightweight and breathable so it was cool enough to throw on top of my denim shorts, but I added a cardigan on top for the movie issue and voila! Done and done. Simple, I know. I like to roll up the sleeves, too..I think it adds "flare", as Cam on Modern Family would say. I also did some color blocking to roll with my multi-colored, tribal printed flats. Be prepared to see my favorite hot pink purse a lot more, it's summer finally, which means I will find any excuse to carry it. Anyway, aside from all of this, I really just wanted to show off my new Chloe + Isabel jewels. I layered some simple gold pieces and I truly adore the look the jewelry creates! I'm in love with all of my new items! Can't wait to get some more. Girls, you really have got to check this line out, it's jewelry heaven.

Top: Hurley; Cardigan: F21 (old, similar); Denim: A&F (old, similar); Shoes: Target (similar); Sunglasses: Rayban; Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Watch: Michael Kors; Bracelets: Chloe + IsabelChloe + Isabel; Necklaces: Chloe + Isabel, gifted Chloe + Isabel; Earrings: Chloe + Isabel

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