Monday's Must Haves: Chloe + Isabel

Alright girls, we all know that the summer heat is officially upon us (maybe if you're in Texas like me it's been upon us since like, always) but, nonetheless, it is here and there's no stopping it. The summer heat means neon tank tops, cut-off denim and showing a little more of that tanned skin. Whether you're out and about on a beachy vacation (jealous!), laying on a blanket on the lawn of an ampitheater enjoying a music festival, attending weddings and/or showers or just going about your everyday activities, we all know that summer wardrobes require some fabulous gems. It can be frustrating finding the right pieces for those outfits you're looking for...sometimes you're in need of a great chandelier earring and festive cocktail ring and othertimes you're wanting that bold statement necklace with a subtle stud to compliment. The costume jewelry is always a great route to take when in need of something last minute and low-cost, however, we all know that those tend to break, chip and turn your skin a less than pretty shade of green. On the contrary, those designer fine jewels can also be a tough task to conquer because they tend to cost an arm and a leg and can totally eat a hole in your monthly shopping budget. Well...let me just tell you my lovely ladies, that all of these issues totally come head to head and are solved by our fabulous friends over at Chloe + Isabel.

I recently became a local merchandiser of the line, and I couldn't be more excited to start showing you all of the glam jewels you can find! The designer has completely answered all of those tough "What should I wear with this tonight?" questions we constantly find ourselves asking. Based on the idea that every girl has a best friend and the two each have their own taste, Chloe + Isabel encompasses every girl's taste and has a little bit of every style to satisfy. You  have the boho-chic and eclectic pieces mixed alongside the simple, classic stream-lined items. Whether you have a specific style or like to have a little bit of it all in your collection, Chloe + Isabel is almost (keyword: almost) too much fabulousness in one place! And, a plus: It's super high-quality and is built in production plants alongside the jewelry likes of Henri Bendel, Saks 5th Avenue and Barney's. So, rest-assured you're getting your total money's worth :) Here are a few of my favorite pieces in their collection right now - feel free to venture over to my personal boutique to browse further. Those of you that are totally into stacking those bracelets on your wrists like I am, welcome to arm party heaven. SO many possibilities! I promise you, those jewels you're looking for this summer can all be found here! This is like, the Monday's Must Haves of all Monday's Must Haves...it takes the cake. Chloe + Isabel is the ULTIMATE must-have for the summer!

Girls, like I just really can't even explain how excited/obsessed I am with everything. Just browsing through the collection of necklaces, stackable bracelets and amazing cocktail rings just like, overwhelms my mind with the possibilites of outfits each piece would enhance. Head on over to my boutique to check out the rest of the line and be ready to swoon and drool in front of your computer like I am right now. Ready annnnnnd go. Now. Indulge. Also - contact me about hosting a trunk show and earning yourself some free gorgeous pieces in the process! Ok, now go look at the boutique. Here's to the first Monday of June!

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