Monday's Must Haves: Spring Scarves

Over the last six months or so, I've gotten picked on around the office because I've managed to somehow incorporate a scarf into my wardrobe at least twice a week. When the fall months rolled around I excitedly started pulling out my appropriate attire and immediately started wrapping my favorite scarves around my neck. Maybe it was still 107 degrees in Austin, but I didn't care. Any girl knows that the fall months mean its time for boots and scarves, no matter what temperature it may be outside. Or if you went to my high school, fall meant it was time for football, and, more importantly, time to bust out the maroon letterman jackets and try and pretend you're not wildly uncomfortable and profusely sweating underneath. Anyway...minor detour with the high school memories. In the winter, I'm all about the big wool warmers to throw on over my cardigans and sweaters, but for the fall and spring months, it's all about the lightweight sheer pieces. I am such a huge fan of scarves and fully believe that they're 100% acceptable and comfortable to wear between the months of September and May. While the garment was originally created and worn as a buffer from the cold wind and snow during the winter, it's transitioned into more of an accessory and decorative item for the warmer months. This spring, lightweight scarves are everywhere and there truly is not an easier accessory to top off your favorite looks. It's a go-to for me when I'm running errands and need a quick freshen up. Throw them on with a simple cotton tee or tank, a straw fedora, some cut off denim shorts and gladiator sandals and you have yourself a cute little look for the day! They can also serve as a pop of color or print to an otherwise simple and plain outfit. Spring scarves are lightweight and sheer, but chunky enough to give you that cozy, comfy look you're hoping for. I'm loving the way they look and wearing them as often as possible while the weather is mild and comfortable! (Refer to my last post for a fun styling option.) If you're looking for celebrity inspiration, stars like Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff and Nicole Richie have all been spotted rocking the trend lately. Here are some great spring scarves that you can find and add to your collection this spring! Definitely a must have and you'll love the easy outfits they create!

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