Graduating Gorgeousness

Ok guys. I'm taking the blog to a little more of a personal level today because I have to brag a little. Or maybe alot. My younger sister, Courtney, is about three weeks away from graduating and finishing up her tenure at Villanova University. Now, if you know anything about that school or my sister, you'd know that it's the best of the best and to have a diploma from the institution is like gold. VU graduates are on a level of their own. However, not only is she graduating, but she's graduating from their nursing school program, among the top of her class, with honors. AND she was a stand out setter on their Division 1 volleyball team all four years. So somehow she managed to juggle long practices, traveling weekly to games across the country, study hours, classes, clinical hours at hospitals all over the Philadelphia area, bible studies, babysitting, flying back to Texas for holidays with the family, her long-distance boyfriend...I mean you name it, the kid has done it for four years straight. Take a minute to give her an imaginary high five, please, because the good Lord in heaven knows that it has not been an easy road. The good Lord also knows that if there's anyone who can handle all of those responsibilites successfully and gracefully, it's Courtney. She's the hardest working, most dedicated and disciplined person I know, and it's certainly all paying off for her. I'd like to think she learned it all from me, but let's be honest here. I think there were several times throughout her college career that my parents actually told her she needed to take it easy, maybe skip a class to give her mind a break here and there, relax and go have fun. Meanwhile they were getting grey hairs and probably becoming mild alcoholics stressing over me because I was getting Bs in classes like "Jogging" solely based on attendance...or lack therof. It's true. I'm not proud. Courtney > Blaine at school, obviously. I think I had a minor "what in the world am I doing with my life" moment recently, followed by a few days of deep depression when she emailed me her resume to review. Nonetheless, there truly is no one more deserving of a successful life and career than my little sister and I'm just so unbelievably proud of her accomplishments. She's incredible, to say the least.
            She recently sent me several of her graduation announcement pictures and I was totally blown away. Not only does she have all of the credentials, but she's a total and complete knock out and just gets more stunning as she gets older! I know, I'm only like, 27 months older than her, but I'm like a proud mama here. The girl is just the total package and I just had to share with all of you how proud I am of little Tortney. I'm also proud that she finally learned that her name did not begin with a "T". For the first five or so years of her life she struggled with that one, bless her cute little heart. Here are a few of her recent graduation pictures, and as you can all see, she's fabulous! I think she looks so gorgeous and I totally and absolutely commend her outfit choices. A+, for sure. Sister, if life in the medical field gets boring, I highly suggest you take up modeling, you sexy thing, you. Boys...back off. She's taken.

Court I'm SO proud of you and can't wait until you're back in Texas! You've been through the ups and downs the last four years and have managed to take it all with great stride. You've accomplished so much and are such an incredible person! Congrats on landing your dream job in the residency program at Cook Children's Hospital in Ft. Worth! Those kiddos are going to be so blessed to have you. We're all going to love having you just up the road from us from here on out and not across the country! I see many fun weekends in our near future. Love you so much!


  1. Courtney! Congratulations! I hear about all things wonderful about the three of you via your mom and my mom. You're beautiful and I know the Lord has blessed your hard work.

    Blaine! I'm mildly obsessed with your blog. I feel like a close friend now :). Kind of stalker-ish of me, but when I go shopping, I think, "What would Blaine put with this..." Anyways, looking forward to the next post! Oh, and I told my Wedding Planning class about your blog and to look you up!

  2. I love that! You're too kind :) We really do need to get together soon since we're both in Austin! Seems silly that we haven't already. And what is this wedding planning class you speak of? I feel like it's right up my alley and I need to join.