Chevron Infatuation

I'm completely, utterly, annoyingly, embarassingly and probably somewhat disturbingly obsessed with all things chevron print right now. Sorry for the adverb overload. I don't know what it is, but someone out there must have known how much I loved stripes and just one-upped stripes a notch and put the zig-zagged print everywhere! I'm immediately drawn to it. I want it on my living room rug, dining room curtains, bedspread, clothing...I'd probably eat it if it was a food...yes, I think it's safe to say yet another one of my obsessions has gone to an unhealthy level. Shocker. Regardless, lucky for me (maybe unlucky for my husband and our bank account) the print can literally be found on shelves, racks, in stores and from designers all over the globe. It's such a fun take on the traditional stripes and I love the look it creates! Here are some of my favorite chevron-printed pretty little things...

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