Animal Printed

As I've mentioned an embarrassing amount of times before, I sort of have a thing for animal prints. I think they're fun and bold and they can always bring a little bit of an sass to any outfit. Years ago I had this amazing Italian Leather purse that was covered in zebra hair and I truly thought it was the cutest thing I'd ever seen. Looking back I'm thinking that maybe it was a little tacky, but hey, it was my first designer bag and I was so proud of that thing. Several years later, when I got my first car, I was given a great set of seat covers to spice up the interiors a little bit. Yes, you guessed it, they were zebra print. I don't know what it is about zebra, but it seems every girl goes through that phase. The zebra printed seat covers lasted about 2 days before I spilled pink lemonade all over one of them and they no longer looked cool. RIP zebra seat covers. And that old Volkswagen Jetta of mine. I loved that car. Anyway - as you can see, my love for the prints has been around for years, and while I'm not carrying around a zebra hair bag or putting seat covers in my Nissan Rogue, I am still wearing bold pieces within my outfits. I love mixing and matching the prints, as well. When done correctly they make for a great combination! This is my favorite cheetah printed top and my favorite pair of python wedges for spring that I dressed down with a comfy pair of boyfriend jeans. On that note, I know they're made to fit like your boyfriend's jeans, hence the name, but I've always thought it funny that they call them "boyfriend" jeans. I'm pretty sure that because of their baggy fit and slouchiness, they might be my boyfriend's (husband's) least favorite pair of jeans I own. But that's neither here nor there. Oh, and if you're wondering where my zebra print is since I blabbed about that particular love for so long earlier, don't fret. My scarf actually has full zebras all over it. Yes, you heard me. It's not just the print, it has the full fledged animals all over it. It's like a dream.

What I'm Wearing: Top: J.Crew; Scarf: Luxe Apothetique in The Domain (Austin, TX); Pants: Gap; Belt: Banana Republic: Bag: Old Navy; Sunglasses: Nordstrom; Jewelry: Michael Kors, J.Crew, Nordstrom, Lucky Brand, Francesca's Collection, Target; Nails: OPI "Rumples Wiggin"


  1. Cute! As always, love your stuff! Oh, and I may be totally off base, but I think they call them "boyfriend" jeans because they fit like they belong to your boyfriend, big & comfy. Maybe?

  2. Well thank you! And yes, they're called boyfriend jeans because of the fit and all that :)

  3. I think you should have another give-away entitled "The Just Because I Know Them Give-Away". This would be for those of us whose computer savvy is limited and couldn't figure out how to enter the other one.