Jeans, Jeans the Magical Fruit

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There's just something about a great pair of jeans that can make any girl feel like a million bucks. The chic-ness of basic denim is sometimes forgotten. And then you see a pic of someone like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Miranda Kerr in a tee and basic skinny jean and you drool over the simplicity because it looks so perfect. No matter your body type, we can all agree that finding that perfect pair of jeans is kind of like winning the lottery. But let's be honest here, how many of us have actually found that go-to pair that checks off all of our denim must-haves? 

"OK, so it fits around the waist like I want it to, but what's up with this weird length?"
"OK so they fit great now, but are these going to stretch out after 10 minutes of wear?"
"Man I wish my butt was bigger so that it would fit in these jeans like it's supposed to.."

Alright, so maybe that last one isn't something you typically find yourself asking, but I do. The tiny-bottom struggle is real, y'all.

These are all questions that I have found myself asking as I stare at myself in dressing room mirrors. I'm sure you can all relate in some shape or form! 

SO, I have the answer for you jean-searching frustrated gals out there. Or guys, whatever. Guys wearing girls' jeans is apparently a thing now.

 There is a pair that meets all of your fit needs. Squeezes the leg through the ankle, comfortable and forgiving through the waist, lifts the rear end, pockets in all the right spots and angles...

Familiarize yourself with PAIGE Denim, you guys. PAIGE DENIM.

They run a bit on the pricey side, but I have found that investing in a great fitting pair of jeans is worth it. Good quality denim makes all the difference in how a pair fits and holds together after a long day of wear! And they last forever. Say no more to those $19 jeans that will fit for the next two months and then stretch out and warp and get all catawampus before you have a chance to even enjoy them. Invest in one staple pair that you can wear with everything and enjoy for a very long time!

And, if you're lucky, you have a bomb diggity local TJMaxx that always has a few pairs hanging amongst the racks. That's where I found mine. For $45. Game. Set. Match. Win.

Shop my favorite PAIGE denim below:

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