Every once in a while you have a moment that stops you in your tracks. An aha! moment that reminds you what life is about...a moment that makes all of your stress, struggles, demons - whatever they may be - disappear.

Tonight was one of those moments for me. Pretty sunset light coming through our bedroom windows...handsome husband...baby dozing in and out of sleep...pure bliss.

Love watching my man and my baby girl together. They already have a precious bond that is so evident every time he holds her and she gazes at him. Her eyes constantly follow him around the room and she always manages to quickly nuzzle down and fall asleep against him.

My exhausting days tending to her and the nights of no sleep are all forgotten when I sit back and take in the love between this daddy and his girl. 

Ain't no better feelin', y'all. Ain't no better feelin'.

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