Full Tilt Austin

OK. Here's the dealio. As some of you may or may not know, the first Formula 1 US Grand Prix track is opening its doors and tracks on November 16. What's cool about this you say? Well, this monster of a track/venue is located right here in good ole Austin, Texas, so it's a HUGE weekend in ATX. The city is expecting 300,000+ international visitors in town for opening weekend! It's craaaazy. And probably going to be a nightmare for locals trying to go about their daily lives. But it'll be an exciting one. 

In honor of the F1 kickoff, there are several events around town to provide VIP entertainment for those venturing to Tejas for a little European flair. 

One of these events is the Full Tilt Fashion Show and yours truly is assisting an amazing local stylist in styling the runways (70+ looks, yikes!) for the world class event!
YAY! So excited. But that's neither here nor there.

The show is happenining at the always amazing W Hotel Austin and is going to be full of gorgeous fashion, glamourous runways, music, lights, drinks, brunch, VIP guests...the whole shebang.


I know. You're overwhelmed and can't find tickets fast enough.

Guys, if you're in the Austin area, come check it out! It really is going to be such an amazing event and I'm so beyond thrilled to be apart of it!

Contact me if you're interested in attending - proceeds will benefit The Center for Child Protection!

Check it.

For more info visit the Full Tilt Fashion Show website here.

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