Insta Fashion Friday

Don't you tell me that it's 98 degrees still so I can't wear my favorite Fall-ish things. Don't you dare.
Maybe I got some stares for my oversized fleece blanket scarf this morning from the man at the gas station who was buying a case of Bud Light and a pack of cigs for a day out on his boat. But hey, you've got no room to judge, dude. Don't think I didn't see you open one of those cans and pour it into your solo cup in your truck's console at 7 AM.

Anyway, it's October, which means it's technically Fall which means that I can dress for the occasion even if it is impractical. Weather man says tomorrow it's actually going to be 70 instead of 98, so you know, there's that. 

Here's a quick snap of my casual Friday Fall look. This might become my go-to Fall uniform.

Shop the look here:

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