A rambling kind of boring update on my pregnancy thus far.

Disclaimer: This post is in no way shape or form related to fashion. Sorry, I know you come here expecting to be awed by some new fashion garb or another, but not today. Sorry boutcha. Unless, of course, you are curious to know that I conquered a big fear and wore a tight dress to a cocktail event the other night. OK fine. I'll tell you more about that real quick because it makes this post relevant on a fashion blog.

I really battled this decision, you guys. Finding an appropriate dress to wear to a cocktail-attire event while pregnant proves to be much harder than I had imagined it would be. I refused to throw on the typical cliche maternity belted wrap dress, and anything that is flowy just looks like a sheet hanging off of me. Not flattering. Not at all. So, because my waistline is now gone and normal dresses with a normal non-pregnant person's waistline don't fit me, this left me with one option. Blatantly rocking the baby bump with something fitted. Now, I'll admit. I've had mixed feelings about this look. I see some pregnant women wearing tight dresses and it totally freaks me out. But then I see others and I'm like, OK, she's proud, she's working it, it actually looks pretty cute. So I thought I would just figure out how I felt about them on myself. This brought me to my next dilemma: Where do I find a fitted maternity dress? Maybe I buy a normal dress a size up to accommodate my bump? Or maybe I don't have to go a size up because it'll be stretchy. But maybe if it's stretchy then it'll totally pull and look ridiculous over this soccerball of a belly I currently own. ....These are the thoughts that haunted me for a couple of weeks, y'all. So totally overworked this in my head to a point of frustration because I'm crazy like that. So, I searched and debated on where to go to find a dress I would like and what I was willing to spend on a maternity dress for a cocktail event that I probably won't wear again during this pregnancy because we're not that cool or fun or social enough to go out more than once every couple of months these days, let's be honest. Anyway. I ended up finding this basic black dress at H&M for $24 and ordered it and just prayed it would work. And it did, PTL. Arrived the day before the event, with not a moment to spare, but it worked nonetheless. And it was not a maternity dress, and it was a size small, so I can wear it post-baby, too. High five to me for the find. I was thrilled. Of course I think I asked my husband 8,000 times if I looked ridiculous trying to rock a fitted dress with three very large lady lumps on my front side. He was encouraging as usual and I bit the bullet and wore it. The funny thing about wearing a tight dress when you're pregnant AND at a casino night event is that you have people that size you up and down trying to figure out if you are in fact, pregnant, or if you're just trying to be that girl that wants to squeeze into her old high school getup .I just imagined that every female I walked by looked at me and said, "Aww..bless her heart. She thinks she can still fit in that." And for those that could tell that I was obviously pregnant, they were thinking, "What is SHE doing at a casino night? I hope that's just water in that glass of hers." Seriously. I do this to myself. Over think and over analyze every single thing. I'm crazy..straight cray cray.

Here's a quick selfie of how the look turned out:

So there's a little fashion talk for you on your Wednesday. There wasn't any kind of point to it except to maybe say that if you're pregnant and don't know what to wear to a cocktail event, I feel you.

My original intent for this post was just to give you all a little update on this journey we're on. I told myself I would do this along the way and write down memories and pregnancy happenings and all that, but truth be told, it's all been pretty uneventful thus far. Which I'm thankful for, don't get me wrong. I was symptom-free during the first trimester...which apparently reeeeally irritates other pregnant women that didn't fair so well. I'm sorry, do you WANT me to try and be sick and miserable? Don't know what you want me to say here - Um, sorry? At 12 weeks, we had an early prediction from our doctor that the little munch was going to be a girl. Apparently, there's a little nub of a bone that, at 12 weeks, looks different on a boy and girl. When they look at this little bone on an ultrasound, they're able to make an educated guess that they claim is 80% accurate. (Google the nub theory if you want to know more. It's super interesting.) Still, we had to wait until our official gender reveal full anatomy ultrasound at 18 weeks to get actual, visual confirmation of certain parts...:)

We felt our first bout of movement from the little nugget on Christmas morning when I was 16 weeks along. I was laying on my back scrolling my phone when it felt like suddenly someone poked me from the inside out. A weird little jab and that was it. Of course I immediately woke my husband up and said, "SHE KICKED ME!" And then made him rest his hand on my stomach for like, 30 minutes, hoping she would do it again. She didn't. But, those little jabs became more frequent and more recognizable over the next couple of weeks and it was super exciting when husband could feel them himself for the first time. My friends ask me all the time what it feels like, and my only way to describe it is that it feels like there's a little alien parasite squirming around inside of me. Super bizarre. At 18 weeks, we found out that we do, in fact, have a little lady in there. Yay! Good thing too, because we were loaded up with girly goodies from our families at Christmas who decided that the 80% accurate odds we had been given in our first prediction were good enough to run with. Even still, I didn't start feeling super pregnant until week 22 or so, when I would be distracted at the gym because all I could look at was my stomach that felt heavy on my hips and was no longer flat in my reflection. Since then, my little bump has grown by leaps and bounds and it keeps surprising me every time I stop to look at myself in a mirror. Little lady is doing cartwheels and forward rolls constantly and I find myself sitting at work staring at my stomach watching it move. I swear she's the little vampire baby from Twilight who is inhumanly strong and trying to climb and pry her way out of me. Sometimes during the day I look down and see that my whole right side is hard as a rock and the left side looks deflated and flat. Homegirl likes to camp out on my right - she has since day one. I can almost guarantee an angry jab back at me if I push around anywhere on the right side of my stomach! I don't know if I'll ever get used to the ripply rolls and waves my stomach feels like it's doing these days. The other night, my husband had his hand on me when she was being super active and said "Oh that felt like a fish swimming by you in the water!" ...I guess that's a pretty good way of describing it. It's amazing how much she's squirms around in there. Kind of eerie.

Now, at 26 weeks, we're about done with the second trimester. It treated us just as kind as the first one did, and we're hoping this last little hike through the third trimester will do so, as well! I'm full on pregnant looking now, no disguising it anymore! We have our glucose test coming up next week (yuck) and our 28-week ultrasound after that. Baby is opening her eyes and hearing sounds starting this week. A big milestone! She's like 10 inches long and weighs almost two pounds now too, so the next ultrasound will be exciting to see! That's about the size of a large eggplant, in case you're wondering. That's what my app says. Yes, there's an app for that. Still haven't had any weird cravings or symptoms, either. Maybe I'm a LITTLE more emotional than usual, but that's still not saying much. Just not a sentimental person, you guys, what can I say? Someone once told me I was heartless and incapable of emotion. To that I say: Haters gon hate. Food has been pretty easy for me as long as I eat small meals. I wish I could be like, "Today I had pickles covered in mayonnaise dipped in peanut butter!" but luckily my stomach and taste buds have been pretty normal. Chicken is kind of geeking me out - especially Chick-Fil-A. Which breaks my heart. The good Lord knows I love me some CFA, and I just can't do it anymore. I have found, however, that I can eat cereal pretty much for every meal and not get sick of it. So we've been cycling through some seriously unhealthy amounts of Honey Nut Cheerios and Rice Krispies around our household. And by we I mean me.

I have found myself wondering what the last few days of this pregnancy will be like. It will be here before we know it and I am down right petrified. Seriously a nervous wreck of a human being. I can't believe it's so close! I've told several people that I didn't even really feel pregnant or different until about 6 weeks ago, so this pregnancy has seemed to fly! We're only 14 weeks from our due date and it just seems pretty unreal. We have so much to do between now and then, but it is super exciting to know that the little munch will be joining us for this summer! Also helps to know that I have two months of maternity leave, and my husband will be off at the same time because he is a teacher and has his summers off! Perfect timing :) Can't wait to meet this little girl that has been such a surprise but is already such a blessing in our lives!

I'll keep you all posted on how things go over these last couple of months! Can't wait until June!

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